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Vine & Branches: Digging Deeper

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About these resources

At the 2018 Annual Conference, we explored the theme “Discover Joy: Live Deeply!” We focused on the pathway to a deep, well-lived life, which comes as we abide in Jesus. We connected to our collective story of how God has named and claimed us, and explored practices that sustain us and give depth to our spiritual lives.

To help you continue that focus for the next year, every three months, we’re providing a quarterly “Vine and Branches: Digging Deeper.” We encourage you to use the monthly practices in these booklets in small groups and with your whole congregation. We hope they enhance your spiritual life and help you find new ways to discover joy and live deeply in connection to the vine that is Jesus.

Every month of this booklet is divided into four sections, each focused on a different theme, scripture, and spiritual practice. Here’s a quick explanation of each of the four sections and how you might use them:

  • GO GATHER: A centering exercise/devotion that’s designed for a committee, ministry team, or small group to engage in at the beginning of their time together.
  • GO BIGGER: An exercise or practice for the whole congregation to engage in.
  • GO DEEPER: A learning and discussion opportunity for small groups that want to delve deeper into the theme, scripture, or spiritual practice and are able to devote a bit more time to it.
  • GO FURTHER: Recommended books, articles, and other resources for those interested in continuing to explore the month’s spiritual practice and/or theme.

View and download booklets

All three "Vine & Branches: Digging Deeper" booklets are now available. View and download PDFs of the booklets:

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