Vietnam Partnership

The United Methodist Church has a growing presence in Vietnam—and in 2014, the Minnesota Conference formed a partnership with United Methodist missionaries there in order to help foster an abundant life for Vietnamese children.

What's been accomplished to date:

  • $10,000 from the 2015 Love Offering was used to pay off a loan for Grace Children's Center in Ho Chi Minh City
  • Two Advance teams of clergy and laity have visited Vietnam to assess needs
  • Relationships have been formed with missionaries working on the ground in Vietnam

What's next:

  • Teams will be invited to go on mission trips to Vietnam to teach Vacation Bible School to children and to work on other projects that benefit young people
  • The conference will provide support to lay pastors working to share the gospel through house churches forming across the country

If you are interested in learning more or going on a mission trip to Vietnam to assist at Grace Children’s Center, contact Director of Community Engagement, Rev. Lyndy Zabel.

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