Thirteen Characteristics of Successful Planters

Developed by Dr. Charles Ridley, who observed successful planters, the intensity and frequency of these qualities are predictive of an effective planter.

1. Visioning capacity: Generating vision, initiating plans, and building things from the ground floor up.

2. Intrinsic motivation: A self-starter who works with diligence and excellence.

3. Creating ownership: Passing the baton on to others, building teams, delegating successfully. 

4. Reaching the unchurched: Consistently reaching out and influencing people toward a relationship with Christ and the church.

5. Spousal support (if married): Collaborating as partners and as a team in marriage and ministry.

6. Effectively builds relationships: Evidences the ability to meet new people and engage them in relationships at varied depths.

7. Committed to church growth: Embraces growing the church numerically and spiritually, and implements the church growth principle effectively. 

8. Responsive to community: Understands local communities and implements culturally responsive ministries.

9. Uses the gifts of others: Assesses, develops, and releases others to serve in their area of giftedness.

10. Flexibility and adaptability: Negotiates change successfully while staying centered on the overall vision.

11. Building cohesive groups: Orchestrates widely differing people to function as a unified body.

12. Resilience: Stays the course in the face of major setbacks, disappointments, and opposition.

13. Exercises faith: Evidences a strong vital relationship with God and willingly takes significant faith risks. 

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