Ten Networking and Evangelism Strategies

1.  The Art Of Neighboring

Get the book (by the same name) and learn how to help your team connect with their neighbors and move from strangers to acquaintances to friends.  

2.  Small Business Networking

There are hundreds of small start ups in your community. Meet the owners and ask what they have learned to be successful. Then after introducing your ministry start up, ask how you can help them? Revisit them every three months to check in.

3.  Chaplaincy

In many cases hospitals will welcome a chaplain that will not proselytize and has ministry credentials so long as you are discrete in how you present your ministry.

4.  Block Party

Find a host home, recruit a few people to create some critical mass and then set up your ministry to “host” the party with grills and burgers. Advertise for neighbors to bring a dish to pass and you have a party.

5.  Prayer Experiment

Get your team to build a list of 10 people each and have them pray a blessing on each one every day for a month.  Then wait for the opportunities to “show up."

6.  With Reach

Find out where local leaders are working to enhance their community and then come alongside them and work with them in that effort. Become a “joiner.”

7.  Story Telling Training

Train your people how to share their faith. Equip them to be able to share their experience with Jesus in 2-3 minutes and to share the gospel in 2-3 minutes and then release them praying and looking for opportunities.

8. Transition Connection

People in transition are open in remarkable ways. How can you discover people in vocational, marital, geographical or most any other significant transition and connect with good news?

9.  Interest Groups

Biking, cigar smoking, poker playing, reading, skiing, fishing, dining, running, gardening.

The list is long of interest groups you can start up to network with new people.

10. Beer with Jesus Night

Find a local pub where the owner would welcome you to host and promote a Bible study. Then format a simple study of the life of Jesus with plenty of open ended questions to draw people in to the discussion.

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