2022 was a statistical jubilee year and Tables were not required to be completed. They will be required for 2023.

Starting in 2023, the Conference will be moving to a new system called ACStats, and churches will no longer be entering table information into Ezra. The same data that was required in Ezra will be required in ACStats. A few questions may be modified slightly, but no significant changes in questions are anticipated. Additionally, ACStats is designed to be more user friendly and make entering the data easier.   

As we get closer to the end of the year, Conference staff will be providing training to churches on accessing and using ACStats. We encourage you to keep an eye out for these upcoming training announcements. We also strongly encourage you to take part in the training so you can see the new platform and get all your questions answered. We are hopeful that churches find the new system easier to navigate and easier to use.  

Please note that churches’ most recent tables have already been uploaded into ACStats. At this time, churches are no longer able to access previous tables in the Ezra system. However, the Conference has downloaded the tables back to 1999. If your church needs any previous tables data that could be found in Ezra, please contact Heidi Heller for assistance. If you have any other questions related to the 2023 Tables, please feel free to contact Barb Brower or Walker Brault.  

Reason for Tables

Every year, all churches across our denomination must complete and submit to their respective annual conferences a series of reporting tables that cover church membership and participation, assets and expenses, and income. These tables are due February 28 every year. So, why should you take the time to submit Tables to the conference each year?

First, the Book of Discipline requires that Tables be completed and submitted each year, and the pastor of each church is responsible to make sure they get done and submitted on time. The global United Methodist Church uses this information to track trends across the denomination, to determine apportionments for each conference, and for other purposes.

Second, the conference uses this information to track trends across the conference, to look at the health of churches, and to calculate the local church apportionments. Errors in your Tables or not submitting your Tables may result in your church being apportioned more than it should be.

Third, individual churches can use their Table histories to track changes in the church.

Hard Copies

Download hard copy of 2017-2020 Tables I, II, and III. These forms are the most current ones. They will not be updated until the next General Conference is held.

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