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Staff Directory

Bruce Ough

Resident Bishop of Dakotas-Minnesota Episcopal Area
Spiritual and administrative leadership to laity and clergy; residential and presidential oversight for The United Methodist Church; clergy appointments; presiding officer of annual conference; member, Council of Bishops and the North Central Jurisdiction of the College of Bishops; president, United Methodist Connectional Table

Janet Beard

Conference Secretary and Registrar
(612) 230-6156

Responsible for the ‘Journal’, minutes and assistance during Annual Conference Session, and updates to the Policy and Procedure Manual. Registrar assistance to Board of Ordained Ministry and administrative support to Director of Ministries

Linda Bowers

Front Desk Administrator/Camping Assistant
(612) 230-6126
Receptionist, phones, mail, and reservation of meeting rooms for the Minnesota Conference, and administrative support to DK-MN Area Camp and Retreats

Walker Brault

Administrative Assistant to Twin Cities District and the Finance Department
(612) 230-6146
Monthly district newsletter, church conference forms, appointments and events for superintendent and cabinet, general assistance to churches and pastors. Also provides general assistance to the finance department

Barb Brower

Director of Finance and Administration, Treasurer
(612) 230-6135
Oversight of conference finance and administrative ministries including budget, audit, accounting, apportionments, statistics, clergy benefit plans, personnel management, investments, legal, property, and insurance

Cheryl Daschner

Southern Prairie District Administrative Assistant
(507) 387-3767
Monthly district newsletter, church conference forms, appointments and events for superintendent and cabinet, general assistance to churches and pastors

Jean Edin

Benefits Officer
(612) 230-6136
MAC health plan administration, pension plan administration, medical care reimbursement administration, local church benefits consultation, clergy and retiree benefits resource

Stacey Edwards

DK-MN Area Camp and Retreat Coordinator
(612) 230-6131
Dakotas-Minnesota Area Camp and Retreat Ministries coordinator

Beata Ferris

DK-MN Area Camp and Retreat Marketing and Outreach Project Coordinator
Supports the Camp and Retreat Ministries through the planning, coordination, and implementation of marketing and outreach projects and programs.

Isaiah Friesen

Environmental Justice Organizer
(612) 230-6128
Works with the Minnesota Annual Conference and MN Hopeful EarthKeepers to develop congregational leadership on environmental justice

Cindy Gregorson

Director of Connectional Ministries
Programmatic ministry oversight, local church organization leadership training, clergy consultation

Heidi Heller

Archivist and Records Manager
(612) 230-6149
Minnesota United Methodist history; research on churches, clergy, and events; records retention consultation; liasion with Commission on Archives and History and the United Methodist Historical Society of Minnesota

Karla Hovde

Communications Specialist
(612) 230-6139
Designs materials, updates website, prepares the weekly MN Bulletin Board e-newsletter, disseminates information via social media channels, responds to general communications inquiries

Mary Hovden

DK-MN Area Camp and Retreat Accountant
(612) 230-6133
Accounts payable for conference, accounting for Dakotas-Minnesota Area Camp and Retreat Ministries

Laurie Huston

Administrative Assistant
(612) 230-6153
Monthly district newsletter, church conference forms, appointments and events for superintendent and cabinet, general assistance to churches and pastors

Ben Ingebretson

DK-MN Area Director of New Church Development
(616) 481-7566
Strategically identifies areas and audiences ripe for new churches, including multi-site ministries and cultivating partner/parent churches that can reach into those areas; provides direction, resources, training, and appropriate intervention for effective stewardship of people and resources

Pam Iverson

North Star District Administrative Assistant
(218) 998-1771
Monthly district newsletter, church conference forms, appointments and events for superintendent and cabinet, general assistance to churches and pastors

Dan Johnson

Twin Cities District Superintendent
Superintending the work of the Twin Cities District

Gail Johnson

Congregational Development and Events Administrator
(612) 230-6125
Coordinates events for the conference, promotes healthy churches and church plants

Laurie Kantonen

North Star District Superintendent
Superintending the work in the North Star District

Kathleen Keller

(612) 230-6127
Conference financial statements; new general ledger accounts, reports, funds, etc.; bank relations; wire transfers; conference property, casualty, and umbrella insurance; charitable remainder trusts issues; annual audit issues; and conference tax filings.

Sheilah Kyburz

Episcopal Administrative Assistant
(612) 230-3334
Administrative support, travel details, calendar coordination and hospitality arrangements on behalf of the Minnesota Area resident bishop and cabinet

Catie Levenick

Youth Ministry Team Co-chair
Youth ministries co-chair along with Sami Tierney.

Sheri Meister

Executive Director, Minnesota United Methodist Foundation
(612) 230-3338
Invests money for churches and works with them on legacy giving and permanent endowments, provides planned giving seminars, coaches clergy, consults with finance committees, provides stewardship materials and training, and assists with capital campaigns.

Christa Meland

Director of Communications
(612) 230-6132
Oversees conference communications and communication strategies; disseminates information and feature stories; provides consultation and resources to clergy and lay leaders; edits the weekly MN Connect e-newsletter; serves as media spokesperson

Laura Miles

Office and Technology Coordinator
(612) 230-6123
Organizes office functions; reception; responds to general inquiries; technology

Linda Miller

Benefits Assistant
(612) 230-6142
Assists the benefits officer, Jean Edin

Kelsey Morgan

Susan Nienaber

Big Waters District Superintendent
Superintending the work in the Big Waters District

Diane Owen

DK-MN Area Lilly Grant Program Director
(612) 230-6129
Leads the implementation of programming related to a $1 million Lilly grant used for financial literacy and debt-reduction for pastors

Kim Schmidt

Senior Accountant
(612) 230-6140
Accounts payable, benefits, and bookkeeper

Lisa Schultze

Assistant Controller/Database Manager
(612) 230-6154
Brick River database, worker’s compensation insurance, apportionments, and table questions

Keith Shew

DK-MN Area Director of Camp & Retreat Ministries
(612) 230-6130
Oversight of conference camp, retreat, and off-site ministries, including financial, fund development, site operations, programs, camp council development, camping ministry personnel, and capital improvements for the Dakotas and Minnesota Conferences

Cullen Tanner

Connectional Ministries Project Coordinator
(612) 230-6138
Provides coordination and support for congregational and leadership development events and programs

Jody Thone

Director of Leadership Development
(612) 230-6134
Creates and delivers a comprehensive system of leadership development from recruitment to deployment

Sami Tierney

Youth Ministry Team Co-chair
Youth ministries co-chair along with Catie Levenick.

Fred Vanderwerf

Southern Prairie District Superintendent
Superintending the work in the Southern Prairie District

Diane Weller

Donor Relations Coordinator, Minnesota United Methodist Foundation
(612) 230-3337
Assisting with the Minnesota United Methodist Foundation. Contact for info on stock gifts/transfers.

Cynthia Williams

River Valley District Superintendent
Superintending the work in the River Valley District

Jill Williamson

Accounting and Database Assistant
(612) 230-6141
Finance assistant

Lyndy Zabel

Director of Community Engagement
(612) 230-6124
Oversees outreach ministries of compassion and justice and partnerships for the conference

Minnesota Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church

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