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As clergy, the call is big: to invite people into a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ so that the world is transformed to be what God intended it to be! What is required of you to realize that call is complex: you are walking with people in their daily joys and struggles, leading a congregation to reinvent itself for a new time, dealing with the details of organizational life, and serving as a witness and chaplain to the community, all the while attending to your own spiritual life so you can be a vital conduit of what the Spirit is up to in our world and in your community. 

In order to lead well, your passion and purpose needs to be the fuel that brings forth inspiration, and engagement to your ministry. So, what is your passion and purpose? What drives you to write the sermons, pray for your community and lead change?

  • If the answers to these questions are fuzzy, then Soul Leaders is for you! 
  • If you are in a time where you feel your passion and purpose is shifting, then Soul Leaders is for you!
  • If you simply need a community to remind you who you are and why what you do is important, then Soul Leaders is for you!

During the series of five retreats, Soul Leaders will give you an opportunity to listen deeply to God’s voice in community and unleash a fresh sense of passion and purpose. The goal is that after the series is over, you will have a sense of what God is calling you to do and to have the zeal to see it through, no matter what season of ministry you are in. This retreat series is a gift to you and for you.  There is no “agenda” of what you are to produce or do, other than to show up, and be present, and listen deeply to discern with faithful clarity what dream God has planted on your heart and how you can live that out with courage and joy.

Participants are part of a cohort of 12 to 15 colleagues and are gently, yet thoughtfully, led by two excellent facilitators who have been trained by the Center for Courage and Renewal. The retreats use a “circle of trust” approach developed by author and educator Parker Palmer. All retreats include time for journaling, listening to one another, building community, and silence—and each retreat builds on the previous one. The retreats begin with dinner on Monday evening and conclude with lunch on Wednesday.

All are welcome to join Soul Leaders, even if you have attended before. The curriculum has been remodeled in such a way that Soul Leaders will benefit first timers and alumni. Every time we enter the circle, we are different, so the experience is fresh as we bring new questions. This is a place where you can be sustained and renewed in ministry.

Hear it firsthand

“There is a wonderfully rich, intentional rhythm to the practices throughout Soul Leaders. It is a time of deepening and enriching. Everything in Soul Leaders is done by invitation (rather than by strong-arm means) so you will go where and as deeply as you are willing. I very much appreciated the time listening to the Holy Spirit and to my colleagues. The intentional and guided practices of listening will bless me throughout my ministry.

Rev. Rhodie Jacobson, Normandale Hylands UMC


Retreat Dates:

• January 8-10 (cancelled)
• May 7-9

• September 24-26
• November 12-14

• January 14-16


Cost: $1,800 (includes lodging and facilitation); it can be paid over two years. All retreats take place at Koinonia Retreat Center in South Haven, MN.

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