Rooted in Jesus Series

This series of videos consists of Minnesota clergy reflecting on what it means to be rooted in Jesus, which is one of the four values of the Minnesota Conference.

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VIDEO 1: Rev. Jeanine Alexander reflects on what being rooted in Jesus means to her: a commitment to follow his path of justice, mission, and inclusion, and having Holy Spirit power guiding her mind and actions. Watch or download video

VIDEO 2: Rev. Lee Kantonen talks about how being rooted in Jesus is the grounding from which our being emanates and what allows us to bear fruit as God's people and to fulfill our mission as an annual conference. Watch or download video

VIDEO 3: Rev. Tami Luckhardt reflects on what she loves most about our Wesleyan theology: grace. “I believe that it is through our steps, and yes, even our missteps, that God can continue to work in and through us to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world,” she says.  Watch or download video

VIDEO 4: Rev. Yolanda Williams says for her, being rooted in Jesus means that she isn’t reliant on the things she’s long been told make her worthy...Instead, she is grounded solely by God’s love, God’s mercy, and God’s grace.  Watch or download video

VIDEO 5: Rev. Jeff Adams, who serves Fairmont UMC, talks about how for him, being rooted in Jesus means living out the vision of those who raised him in faith and extending to others the same invitation to follow Christ that he received and accepted when he was a child.  Watch or download video

VIDEO 6: Rev. Rachel McIver Morey, who serves Northfield UMC, talks about how being rooted in Jesus means being “absolutely fearless toward the unknown and unknowable future and having crystal clarity about our commitments and our covenants...trusting that this soil will hold us.”  Watch or download video

VIDEO 7: Rev. Bill Eaves, who serves White Bear Lake UMC, said that for him, being rooted in Jesus means he receives nourishment, strength, hope, and everything he needs to live the kind of life that God has called him to.  Watch or download video

VIDEO 8: Rev. Jin Hur, who serves Fairmount Avenue UMC in St. Paul, talks about how being rooted in Jesus shows up in his ministry through Holy Communion, where all people are invited to the table to receive redemption by encountering Christ and to experience grace, righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.  Watch or download video

VIDEO 9: Rev. Henry Dolopei, who serves Portland Avenue UMC in Bloomington, says he is excited daily to reciprocate Jesus' love for him by being in community, standing with the poor and the marginalized, confessing and repenting of his wrongs, and offering forgiveness.  Watch or download video

VIDEO 10: Rev. Craig Haberman, who serves Ely UMC, shares how much he appreciates both the content of John Wesley's theology and his process of theologizing the Wesleyan quadrilateral, and he talks about a book that has helped him sink his personal roots into “Christ existing as community.”  Watch or download video

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