Resource Center for Churches

Resource Center for ChurchesThe field of ministry resources is overwhelming, and searching for excellent, theologically appropriate resources is a time-consuming and daunting task for church leaders. That’s where the Resource Center for Churches (RCC) comes in.

The RCC is a network of the United Methodist, Presbyterian, Episcopal, and United Church of Christ congregations in Minnesota. Gathering their wisdom, the RCC recommends and shares web, video, print, curriculum, and other resources for all areas of church life. All Minnesota United Methodist clergy, staff, and lay leaders are welcome to contact the RCC for access to a wide variety of outstanding ministry resources and free consultation. Access to the RCC is made possible through apportionment dollars. (And the RCC does mail resources to churches interested in borrowing them!)

Lizabeth Bougie is the RCC’s executive director. Educated at Yale University, the University of Chicago Divinity School, and Luther Seminary, she served as a children’s minister and hospital chaplain before joining the RCC.

Through the RCC, you can:

Borrow materials: This includes a huge assortment of DVD and print resources—as well as canvas labyrinths. You can browse the RCC’s offerings and check out items from its physical location in the Minnesota Church Center, or staff will mail resources directly to you.

Receive relevant recommendations: RCC staff welcome questions in-person or via e-mail, phone or video conference; they take time to listen and understand your church—and then find resources that meet your goals and fit your congregation, and suggest creative ways to use them.

Find ecumenical resources for all areas of church life: The RCC lifts up quality, appropriate resources from a huge array of ecumenical and denominational sources across the mainline. The RCC has a strong history of work with faith formation of young people and adult small groups, but it addresses every ministry area, including leadership and vitality, worship planning, stewardship, pastoral care, communications, and outreach to the neighborhood and world.

Benefit from the wisdom of other RCC users: When you contact the RCC, you tap into a wide network of partner congregations rather than relying on one “expert.” The RCC gathers and shares the wisdom of other users.


Visit the RCC website to see what’s new and spark your imagination; check out curated lists of best resources by topic; and let the curriculum page guide you through the maze of options.

E-mail the RCC with any ministry question, or call (612) 870-0861.

“Like” the RCC on Facebook to see resources, articles, and ideas relevant to your congregation.

Check out "Six New Things," a weekly blog post with the best new resources.

Sign up for the RCC e-newsletter to see recommended new and seasonal resources.

Location and hours:

The RCC is located at 122 W Franklin Ave., Suite 2, Minneapolis, MN 55404.

It is open Tuesday-Friday, noon-4 p.m., and by appointment.

Hear it firsthand:

“I think the Resource Center does an outstanding job of staying on top of the best and the most current resources. Lizabeth is just amazing. I look to her as a prescreening. I get flooded with ads for this and ads for that, and I think, ‘Is this the right fit for my particular setting?’ She’s on top of all of that. Instead of having to spend hours going down a rabbit hole looking for stuff, she recommends the best print and online resources.”

                                          Rev. Donna Draeger, Centennial UMC, Roseville

“I LOVE the Resource Center for Churches! I use it all the time. This resource is especially useful as I lead weekly Bible study; we would not be able to afford such high-quality resources…without the Resource Center. Lizabeth is incredibly helpful; I simply tell her what I’m even imagining teaching or preparing, and she always comes up with multiple options that I can take home, look through, ponder, choose from, and then return the others that don't work for me.”

                                          Rev. Sarah Lawton, Hope UMC, Duluth

Minnesota Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church

122 West Franklin Avenue, Suite 400 Minneapolis, MN 55404

(612) 870-0058