MNsource resource-sharing platform is live

October 26, 2022

The Minnesota Conference’s new resource-sharing platform is now live!  

MNsource (pronounced “minnsource”) is a place for United Methodist church leaders throughout the state to both share and access excellent resources—such as sermon and song videos, worship liturgies, and how-to training sessions on a variety of topics. It contains both crowdsourced and conference-produced videos to equip leaders and fuel ministry. 

To use this platform, the first step is creating a login. That way, you’ll be able to upload your own resources, keep track of those you’ve used, and follow the content creators that you like best. 

The platform will become more robust as users add content to it, and to incentivize you to do just that: We’ll be randomly selecting five people who have submitted content by the end of November to receive a $50 Amazon gift card. Everyone who creates an account by then will receive a thank you and a special surprise by mail. 

Here are five great resources you can view, download, and use right now: 
A Liturgy of Abundance (written): Reading this during worship would be an excellent way to incorporate themes of gratitude and blessing around Thanksgiving.

Children’s ministry (videos): Vineyard UMC in Hutchison has created some outstanding brief and easy-to-understand Bible lesson videos specifically for kids.  

Sermon: Because God did it first (video): Rev. Whitney Sheridan, who serves multi-site Centennial UMC, gives a powerful sermon on God's grace. 

Song: Lord, You Are My Song (video): Musicians at Park Avenue UMC in Minneapolis deliver a beautiful and moving performance.

Copyright laws (video): This is a valuable tutorial to help churches navigate the complicated world of copyright law.

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