Ministry Discernment Retreats offer laity opportunity to learn, discern

October 18, 2016

Do you want to serve your own church or others in a more intentional way? Are you ready to explore how God is calling you to use your gifts?

In January 2015, a Lay Ministry Action Team launched within the Minnesota Conference. The team has designed opportunities for laity to become equipped to serve their own church, other churches, and/or the conference in deeper ways. There are three types of certification that laity can pursue through this avenue, and training sessions for each one are offered throughout the year.

The starting point for all three types of certification is a one-day Ministry Discernment Retreat. Check out this Q&A to learn more!

What is a Ministry Discernment Retreat?

A Ministry Discernment Retreat is a one-day event for folks who are feeling a call or a nudge to serve in ministry to others. It serves as the entry point into various certification opportunities in The United Methodist Church, so it’s a great ‘first step’ into what God is calling you to do in the next three to five years (or perhaps more!).  It’s also a great way to connect with people from surrounding United Methodist churches who have similar calls. Participants are under no obligation to move forward in any particular track of leadership in the UMC, but they could once the day is complete.

Who should come to a Ministry Discernment Retreat?

Anyone who is already in leadership in their local church who might be feeling that the area they currently serve in is not where God desires them to be in the near future, or anyone who already serves but wants to serve more intentionally in that role. Also, anyone who is new to The United Methodist Church or new to ministry leadership in the UMC who wants to learn the basic aspects of the way we follow Jesus through using our gifts for ministry.

What happens at the retreat?

Participants arrive around 9 a.m. and join together in a facilitated Bible and small group study. Next, they will take a spiritual gifts inventory and discuss the results together by looking through pictures that each participant has brought to the retreat. The afternoon session will put those gifts into context, as participants discern how their gifts match up with the opportunities God has for them in their communities.

Why should someone attend?

Because intentionally and prayerfully discerning your call together with brothers and sisters in Christ not only helps amplify your calling, but builds upon the ideas and opportunities from other places. Folks have learned new approaches to ministry that they can then utilize in their local church. Others have expressed the Holy Spirit’s presence in naming how their gifts became clear in a whole new way.  Bringing a friend from church is the best way to attend because you can then continue the discernment on the drive home, and you can have some help in implementing all that you learned in your own local setting.

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