Conference celebrates milestones in ministry

May 29, 2014

On Thursday evening, conference session attendees remembered friends and colleagues who have died over the past year, honored clergy who are retiring, and celebrated licensed local pastors as well as those who were commissioned and ordained. Here are those we lift up in remembrance, recognition, and celebration:

Those Who Have Died

  • Rosalie J. Duehn (Late husband, Rev. Keith), 5/27/2013
  • Dorothy A. Otten (Late husband, Rev. Richard), 6/12/2013
  • Rev. Paul W. Ingelin (Wife, Fay), 10/6/2013
  • Rev. Lloyd W. Osborn, 10/21/2013
  • Rev. Dexter F. Miller (Wife, Ruth), 10/22/2013
  • Rev. James A. Minehart (Wife, Phyllis), 11/5/2013
  • Rev. Charles B. Purdham (Wife, Alice), 11/18/2013
  • Bishop Wayne K. Clymer (Wife, Virginia), 11/25/2013
  • Rev. Dwight W. Hendricks (Wife, Martha), 12/3/2013
  • Rev. Kathleen G. Marker, 1/2/2014
  • Rev. James M. Perry (Wife, Kareen), 1/29/2014
  • Zada Wolter (Late husband, Rev. Walter), 1/30/2014
  • Rev. Harold E. Kraft (Wife, Ruth), 2/4/2014
  • Rae S. Ormsby (Husband, Rev. Richard), 2/14/2014
  • Rev. Dudley A. Keech (Wife, Dolores), 4/15/2014
  • Rev. Lyle T. Christianson (Wife, Dorothy Anne), 4/16/2014
  • Nancy Jackson (Late husband, Rev. Richard), 4/20/2014
  • Joyce A. Stevens (Husband, Rev. Edward), 4/21/2014

The Retirement Class

  • Bescye P. Burnett (Local Pastor)
  • Russell E. Christensen (Local Pastor)
  • Durene Cornell (Local Pastor)
  • Susan DeVogel (Honorable Location)
  • Lynda A. Ellis
  • Donavon Paul Eslinger
  • Kent Johnson
  • David F. Laechel
  • William F. Meier
  • Amanda Merlin-Molstad
  • Sharon J. Nelson
  • Christie Cozad Neuger
  • David B. Wheeler
  • Michael L. Wuehler

Licensed Local Pastors

  • Kevin Coder
  • Dianna Dunham
  • Ronald Fisher
  • Dawn Houser
  • Alexander Victor Jones
  • Jeremiah Lideen
  • Dahmon Romness
  • Dallas Rostad
  • Eric Shin
  • Lauren Snell
  • David Stoeger
  • Cullen Tanner
  • Austin Walker
  • Rachael Warner

Those Who Were Commissioned and Ordained

  • Henry S. Dolopei, II (Commissioned for the work of an elder)
  • Nathan Gayle Melcher (Commissioned for the work of an elder)
  • Laurie A. Boche (Ordained for the work of an elder)
  • Sarah Anne Lawton (Ordained for the work of an elder)
  • Christine Kliesen Wehrman (Ordained for the work of an elder)

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