Cabinet and Transition Table nominations

April 08, 2022

Significant changes in conference leadership are just around the corner. Bishop David Bard's time as the interim bishop of the Minnesota Conference is slated to end December 31, 2022, at which time a new bishop will be assigned. On July 1, 2023, two district superintendents will reach their eight-year term limits. And on July 1, 2024, two more Cabinet-level staff will either reach their term limit or retire.

In order to prepare for these changes, Bishop Bard is inviting Minnesota United Methodists to participate in an open nomination process to identify clergy who might be asked to serve as district superintendents or in other Cabinet-level positions (read his full announcement about the nomination process). Individuals may nominate clergy who they believe have the qualities, skills, and abilities needed for these positions (see responsibilities and qualifications for Cabinet-level positions); clergy can self-nominate as well. Consultations will be held for those nominated. The strongest consideration will be given to persons in this leadership pool for district superintendent and other Cabinet-level positions. Being nominated does not guarantee such a position and it is always the prerogative of a bishop to choose whom they will. However, Bishop Bard is committed to working with this process to identify future leaders and provide opportunities for these persons to help shape the future of the conference, even prior to new Cabinet-level positions being filled. Nominate a clergy person for a Cabinet-level position.

At the same time, Bishop Bard is convening a Transition Table to imaginatively consider the staffing, structure, and resourcing of the Minnesota Annual Conference in a way that positions us well for the future (read his full announcement about this team).

The Transition Table will engage in a year-long process with a charge to dream and design models for organizing, staffing, and delivering resources that allows for flexibility, innovation, and nimbleness without jeopardizing our stability and sustainability as an organization. In particular, this group will look at the role of district superintendents and the supervision, equipping, and care of clergy and congregations. It will also examine our governance structure and staffing model. And it will reflect on where we are investing our time and resources in light of our mission, vision, and values and offer recommendations on how to more effectively leverage our resources. The Transition Table will be composed of the following persons: 

  • 3 people from the current Extended Cabinet
  • 4 people from the future leadership pool for Cabinet-level positions. (This pool is also being created this spring with open nominations for Cabinet-level positions that will come open in the next two years.)
  • 3 people who are younger in age and/or newer to The United Methodist Church and are active in new and/or growing congregations.
  • 4 people who are committed to the future of The United Methodist Church, active in their local church, and bring the diversity of voices we need in terms of geography, age, gender identity, racial and ethnic background, theological perspective, and church size

All persons selected need to demonstrate:

  • Commitment to the fullness of the vision of the Minnesota Annual Conference
  • Seeing possibilities, thinking creatively and strategically
  • A mind, heart and spirit that are collaborative and able to consider other perspectives
  • A demonstrated spiritual and emotional maturity
  • Willingness to engage in deep discernment and make the commitment of time and energy to be a part of a working team

Bishop Bard has created an open nomination process for the seven persons who are not from the current Extended Cabinet or the future leadership pool for Cabinet-level positions. The scope, work, and meeting schedule of the team will be set once convened. The time commitment most likely would involve a couple of two-day overnight retreats, as well as Zoom meetings at least monthly; there might be some task work to be done between scheduled meetings. The Transition Table will engage a variety of stakeholders in this process, and those who are nominated but not selected for the team will be invited into the stakeholder conversations. This team is accountable to the Bishop and Extended Cabinet for their work, will offer regular progress updates to them, and will bring a report to the full Annual Conference Session in 2023. 

Nominate yourself or someone else for the Transition Table. The deadline for nominations is May 1, 2022.

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