Multiplication Models to Fit Any Church

One size does NOT fit all when it comes to church multiplication! Which option best fits your ministry?

1. Second (or third) service

You already have a building, staff, and volunteers. Starting a new service to reach new people may be the easiest, most low-risk strategy that you can take to multiply your impact. The key is to apply church planting principles to the process. Training is available.

2. Multi-site

Many churches are doing it. Perhaps this is a strategy for you. If you have already successfully started a second service, then perhaps now is the time to consider a new site. Coaching and training are available.

3. Nesting an ethnic/immigrant congregation

Our communities are changing around us in remarkable ways. Partnering with an immigrant or other ethnic group by “nesting” a new ministry in your space is a step toward becoming multi-cultural. Coaching and training are available.

4. Missional simple community

Move to address a deep community need with a missional small group. A new wave of bi-vocational missional leaders is gathering around those who want to dedicate their energy and time to a local cause. When church is all about being on mission, this partnership may be right for you. Coaching and training are available.

5. Cluster parenting

Not ready to plant solo? Identify two to four churches that want to work together to start one new congregation. Here is a great way to lower the risk and raise the reward. Cluster designs and coaching are available. 

6. Parenting

Giving birth to a new church becomes a possibility whenever your ministry growth and field opportunity come together. Whenever you have a qualified leader and a multiplication objective, that synergy can yield a new church reaching a new demographic in a new way. Coaching and training are available.  


Your church can access Readiness 360, a free tool designed to assess congregational readiness to start a new congregation. Contact Gail Johnson if you’re interested in learning more or accessing this resource.

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