Minnesota United Methodist Parish Nurses Association

The Minnesota United Methodist Parish Nurses Association was formed by Parish Nurses to provide information on how to become a parish nurse (faith community nurse) including scholarship funding for the parish nursing basic preparation course. The organization is also available to provide information on how to start a parish nurse program within local church’s and communities, connect with other Methodist Churches that have parish nurses and to provide assistance to the parish nurse through support, program resources and mentorship. MUMPNA is a member of the Minnesota conference Health Ministry Action team with a focus on local church health ministry.

The MUMPNA board meets via conference call on a regular basis (usually monthly). Contact Marion Hansen for the next meeting date.

What is a parish nurse?

Parish nursing combines ministry with the art and science of nursing, ever mindful of the strong relationship between faith and health. Churches are, and always have been, places of healing. Through faith, nurses understand the meaning of health: harmony of body, mind, and spirit and living in relationship with God and each other.

Parish nurses are registered nurses who complete additional study in the area of parish nursing. Parish nurses make a difference in peoples’ lives through ministries for health promotion, illness prevention, and support during life’s difficult situations. Parish Nurses may also participate as Certified Lay Ministers after completion of that program of study.

Get involved

If you would like to know more about how you can get a health ministry program started in your church contact Marion Hansen.


President, Marion Hansen  /  marionha@wcta.net  /  (218) 837-5054

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