Annual conference session is designed as a time to build a worshipping, learning, and leading community of United Methodists in Minnesota. Our time together is rich and full, and there are many things we want and need to accomplish in our two-and-a-half days. In the spirit of using the time available for legislation most efficiently and effectively, we are offering these guidelines:

  1.  Before writing legislation, please ponder the question, “Is legislation the best format to accomplish my goal?”  Think deeply about the change/outcome you are seeking. Often there are means other than legislation that can be used to inform people of key issues and engage people in dialogue and movements of action. We encourage you to explore those first.
  2.  More questions to ask before writing are, “Does this goal pertain to the work of the whole annual conference? And does it require the approval of the whole annual conference to accomplish?” If your proposal is specific to a church, a group, or an annual conference ministry team, please consider taking it directly to those who would be most impacted instead of submitting legislation.
  3. When writing legislation, make sure that your requested action is very clear and is within the purview of the annual conference to act upon.
  4. For the sake of offering the best wisdom and discernment possible, it is important that any legislation have the endorsement of a church council or annual conference ministry team in order to be considered.
  5. Also for the sake of offering the best wisdom and discernment possible, it is advisable to request input, prior to the annual conference session, from groups who may have strong opinions concerning your proposal. This will allow time for revision so you can present the strongest and most refined version of your legislation at the session.

Ultimately, the legislation considered at our annual conference session is a means to further God’s work in the Minnesota Annual Conference. The best legislation reflects the discernment that has already been done by a wider constituency and is seeking the affirmation/blessing of the annual conference session. Thank you for your careful consideration to achieve this goal.

Proposed legislation is due March 27, 2020. Click here to submit legislation.


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