Richfield UMC journeyed to Jerusalem during Lent

April 22, 2014

Church: Richfield UMC

District: Twin Cities

Submitted by: Linda Delph

Through a unique program, "We Walk in Beauty: Journey to Jerusalem," members of Richfield United Methodist Church exercised their bodies and souls throughout Lent.

Members of the church collectively tried to log enough miles to take an imaginary walk from Minneapolis to Jerusalem in time for Easter. Miles were “walked” through physical activity, prayer time, and Bible study time. A large map allowed the congregation to see its progress as members traveled through the United States, across the Atlantic, and through Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt. They then crossed the Suez Canal and completed the journey to Jerusalem. 

A total of 109 individuals went on this journey, and together, they “walked” 10,640 miles, well exceeding the 6,242 miles needed to go from Minneapolis to Jerusalem. Since they reached Jerusalem before Easter, they continued on to Kiev and then Ukraine, where their prayers and presence could shine God's light and love in this area of such intense political unrest. Finally, they went to Kaduna, Nigeria, where there has been such a surge in communal violence.

This journey brought the Richfield UMC community together as members worked toward, achieved, and then exceeded their goal to reach Jerusalem. Along the way, they developed habits of physical activity, prayer, and Bible study that will hopefully become permanent additions to their lives.

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