New Day UMC Imagines No Malaria at Spudfest

August 17, 2011

Church: New Day UMC

District: Big Waters

Submitted by: Janet Beard

New Day United Methodist Church's recipe for parade fun:

  • Take about 35 people ages 1 through 50.
  • Put ten people on roller blades wearing wings and antennae and give 18 people giant flyswatter signs.
  • Cover two beds on wheels with netting and insert a preschooler on each bed for a ride.
  • Don matching t-shirts (red for the mosquitoes; yellow for the fly swatters.)
  • Load a vehicle with boxes of plastic flyswatters (imprinted with church logo/website) and kazoos (mosquito buzzers) to give away.
  • Get everyone marching down the street, beds and mosquitoes first, followed by the fly swatter signs spelling out “Join Our Swat Team."
  • Play some loud music.
  • Then coordinate the mosquitoes to "attack" the beds and the fly swatters to "attack" the mosquitoes every couple of blocks.
  • Have extra people hand out giveaways.

Yield: Complete CHAOS, great FUN, and a FOURTH PLACE AWARD at Big Lake’s SpudFest Parade! The extra benefit is creating community awareness of the United Methodist Imagine No Malaria campaign.

You can do this in your community. Borrow our two beds on wheels covered in netting and 18 giant flyswatter signs. Contact Pastor Jim Beard for more info at (763) 300-9626.

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