“Change for a change” offering raises funds for Imagine No Malaria

May 24, 2012

Church: Faith UMC - Waseca

District: Southern Prairie

Submitted by: Ilene Miller, Communication Coordinator

Our church council decided to raise money for Imagine No Malaria by having a special monthly offering called "Change for a Change" during which we would collect change using aluminum coffee pots for the best sound effects we could get. The youth were very excited to be involved in the project and couldn't wait for their turn to go throughout the congregation to collect the coins! This special offering has been received by the congregation with much enthusiasm.

Because they wanted to be a part of the project, too, the youth decided to donate over $100 of funds they raised by holding a soup luncheon/talent show.

A display was created so everyone would be able to see how we were doing in reaching our pledge of $1,000 per year for three years. A picture of a mosquito is attached for every $10 received (one net). At every $100, a pipe-cleaner mosquito is attached. When the $500 mark is attained, a mosquito with silver wings is added and when the $1,000 mark is reached, a mosquito with gold wings is attached. A ladder graph was also created for the display table so the congregation could easily see where we were in reaching the yearly $1,000 goal.  

We are so thrilled to have already reached the top rung on the ladder for 2012 and attached our first golden-winged mosquito!

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