Is the UMC Really...?

Ask The UMC has been answering an increasing number of questions from congregations wondering about the future of The United Methodist Church and whether they should consider disaffiliating from it. Among these have been some recurrent questions that reflect misperceptions or misinformation that some congregations are receiving as they discern their next steps.

This helpful series of articles offers accurate responses to such misperceptions or misinformation. Your questions are welcome, and you are invited to contribute to future articles in the series by sharing what you are hearing about the process of disaffiliation or the future of The United Methodist Church. Write to

Part 1: Theology, pensions and benefits

Part 2: Human sexuality

Part 3: Disaffiliation, abortion, and apportionments

Part 4: What happens when churches disaffiliate and whether 10 percent of professing members can request a charge conference

Part 5: Whether a vote between The UMC and the GMC is required, what happens if an elected delegate disaffiliates, failing to punish those who violate the Book of Discipline, forcing congregations to accept gay pastors

Part 6: Property retention, legal counsel, retaining assets in foundations and credit unions, and scholarships for students part of disaffiliating churches

Part 7: Boy Scout settlement, variations in disaffiliation policies from conference to conference, and what retired clergy need to do if the congregation in which they are active disaffiliates

Part 8: Why Paragraph 2553 does not apply in central conferences and extended or supplemental disaffiliation policies in four U.S. conferences

Part 9: The future of Paragraph 2553 after its expiration at the end of 2023, two conferences where disaffiliation is no longer possible under Paragraph 2553, and whether non-disaffiliating clergy currently appointed to churches that disaffiliate will be immediately appointed elsewhere upon the church's disaffiliation.

Part 10: Re-voting, seminaries, same-sex weddings, and critical race theory

Part 11: The process of voting on a motion to disaffiliate at a called church conference

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