Increase Your Local Giving

1. It’s not about your salary; it is about their growth in generosity.

Many are afraid to ask because they are not thinking biblically. Church planters are supposed to grow people in their generosity. Planters also need to be confident in their role and graciously regular in challenging people to give. ASK!

2. Publish your need regularly.

Don’t make the mistake of hiding your finances from your congregation. Be transparent on every level, and you will both build trust and receive more offerings.

3. Teach holistically on money.

Wesley had it right: Earn all you can to save all you can to give all you can. Today more than ever, people need education on every dimension of financial health. Teach it all from scripture, and people will likely grow.

4. Take up a collection.

Be aware of the risk of not passing the plate. When you hide the offering, you remove a prompt. 

5. Leverage automated giving.

This is a proven way to increase regular giving. Multiple providers can be contracted with to create giving options and help with tracking. Install a credit card kiosk for one-time gifts. Shop the Internet for an e-giving provider that best meets your needs and budget.    

6. Stage an annual budget meeting.

Once a year, have an annual budget meeting at which people have an opportunity to engage with the budget and show their support. This is a natural time for ownership and for people to discern how they need to step up. 

7. Let people tell their stories.

Few things are more effective than testimonies that speak to how God provides and how individuals grow in joy and generosity when they give.  

8. Understand the difference between those who pay and those who give.

People usually begin their generosity journey as “payers for services rendered.” They will pay for the childcare and the coffee and your sermon. It takes time and specific challenges to grow people from payers into givers.   

10. Get personal…graciously. 

You will always get a stronger response to a generosity challenge when you give it one-on-one rather than to a group. So meet with people whose trust you’ve earned and, at the right time, challenge them with your need and the opportunity to give. Then ask if you can follow up and hear their response. You will likely be pleasantly surprised! 

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