Grants for Churches

Investing in Congregations: Grants ranging from $100 to $20,000 are distributed annually to churches that demonstrate a potential, capacity, and commitment to reach new people, grow in love of God and neighbor, and heal a broken world. Applications are always due in October, and funding can be used for new ministries, programs, and staff positions.

Peace with Justice grantsThe Church and Society Action Team is offering this grant to local churches for projects that are aimed at promoting peace and justice. How can Christians be involved in making the world more peaceful, more just?

Racial Justice Grants: Minnesota Church and Society offers a specific grant of up to $300 to help members of your church purchase books for a group study on racial justice. 

Church-school partnerships: God calls us to be in ministry with children, and every United Methodist church in Minnesota is urged to develop a long-term partnership with a school in its community after assessing the needs that exist. There are many possibilities for partnerships—and grants are available annually to help churches get started.

Equitable compensation grants: Sometimes congregations need temporary assistance with the expense of appointed leadership that is optimum for their growth in work and witness. For a few months to a few years, churches can apply for a grant to help meet the costs of leadership so that sufficient resources can be redirected to effectively address their ministry plan. This is particularly targeted for churches at times of pastoral transition or development. Inquiries and referrals can be initiated through your church’s district superintendent.

Golden Cross: The Golden Cross Program supports health ministries in the global United Methodist Church. Grants totaling up to $1,500 a year are awarded to congregations and United Methodist-related institutions that focus on programs for individuals, families and congregations that focus on improving health; prevention and education initiatives; and/or documented urgent and compelling health-care needs. The Health Ministries Action Team determines how grant funds will be distributed in Minnesota.

Ministerial Education Fund Grants to Churches During Approved Clergy LeaveGrants are available to churches from the Ministerial Education Fund for pulpit supply or the most important need of the church community during approved clergy leaves for (1) Formational and Spiritual Growth; and (2) Continuing Education and Spiritual Growth.  The purpose of these grants is to assist churches in supporting clergy leaves that exceed normal annual budgeting for pulpit supply during, for example, clergy vacations.

Additional Financial Aid for Churches

Capital Facilities Development and Finance Commission Application for Loan Guarantee: Your church can get help financing or refinancing your church building or construction project. The primary purpose of this commission is to support financing and refinancing of church buildings, church building construction, or expansion projects.

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