Fundraising for a New Church Start Up

Six steps to meet your goal


1. Think Biblically. This is NOT about raising your salary!

Anchor clearly in your mind that fundraising is about growing the quality of generosity in others by giving them an opportunity to be a partner in mission. Read I Timothy 6:17-19 and Matthew 25:14-30. Ask with confidence.

2. Make a compelling case. Create a communication tool.

Before anyone will give, you must win their confidence. A brief “case statement” that answers basic questions goes a long way. The basic questions it should address are: What is it you propose to do? Why is it needed? What is the unique opportunity? Why are you a qualified leader? What is the plan? What is the need?

3. Build a list of donor prospects. You know more people than you think!

Fundraising is about friend-raising. People give to those they know, trust, and care about. Think about friends from the past and present, family, and colleagues near and far. Most of us can quite easily develop a list of 100. Just count your Facebook friends!

4. Get out and ask.  Remember the “inverse rule.” 

Sharing your opportunity far and wide is smart. However, remember the inverse rule: A wide impersonal “ask” is less effective than a narrow personal “ask.” So always follow up a letter with a phone call—or, better yet, with a face-to-face visit. And never expect people to give without actually asking: “Would you consider supporting this effort? May I check back with you in a few days for a reply?”

5. Make it easy to say “yes.” Use simple incentives.

Tell your donors you are looking for 60 donors to give $40 per month for one year (this amounts to $28,800!). Or tell them that their gift of $100 is matched 10 times by the conference! Provide pictures of your existing launch team or your ministry location.

6. COMMUNICATE! COMMUNICATE! Updates keep people responding. 

It is always easier to grow a small giver than to recruit a new one. So grow your donors with regular ministry updates. Include pictures, progress notes, prayer requests, and plenty of “thank you’s!”

Source: People Raising: A Practical Guide to Raising Support  by William P. Dillon 

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