SPRC Clergy Feedback Worksheet

SPRC Clergy Feedback Worksheet

We believe that God’s vision for the Minnesota Annual Conference is for every congregation to be a vital expression of three scriptural imperatives found in the words of Jesus: grow in love of God and neighbor, reach new people, and heal a broken world. Therefore, each year, it’s important for us to ask strategic questions and receive thoughtful feedback concerning our clergy and congregations and whether they are fulfilling this vision. Every Staff-Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) is asked to provide feedback about its appointed clergy to its district superintendent on an annual basis. Before providing feedback, please reference this "Ministry in the Minnesota Annual Conference" document. 

In case it's helpful, here's an SPRC Clergy evaluation worksheet to help you gather your thoughts for an online form for your district superintendent.

When you have gathered your thoughts, please complete this official SPRC Clergy Feedback Form.

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