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Dementia & the Church: Essential Documents When Living with Dementia

Led by Terrie Lewis, Essential Documents for Protecting You and Your Loved One Living with Dementia is the fourth webinar in a four-part series organized by the United Methodist Committee on Older Adult Ministry.

Course: A dementia diagnosis pushes legal planning from a “some day” task to an urgent one. While these conversations may be difficult, they are helpful in the early stages of dementia because the person living with dementia is able to express his or her wishes regarding the management of assets, the distribution of their estate, and their personal care when they can no longer care for themselves. Being prepared can eliminate what can often turn into gut-wrenching guesswork for caregivers. In this course, we will discuss the legal documents, how they are used, how they could be misused and the steps to avoid those pitfalls.

Bio: Ms. Lewis is a Minnesota attorney practicing in the areas of estate planning, incapacity planning and elder law. Her work includes guardianships/conservatorships and long-term-care planning for those who have long-term illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s Disease. She is a published author and a frequent speaker for the Minnesota State Bar Association Continuing Education program and for business organizations in the Twin Cities area.
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