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Dementia & the Church: Tools for Connecting

Led by Shelly Edwards, Tools for Connecting with People Living with Dementia when Behaviors are Challenging is the second webinar in a four-part series organized by the United Methodist Committee on Older Adult Ministry.

Course: In this session we will introduce Teepa Snow’s GEMS dementia classification model to guide communication and effective engagement to better connect with the person living with dementia. Our goal is to help facilitate positive, supportive communication between the care giver and the person being cared for.  We will also demonstrate and describe verbal and physical techniques to increase the probability of positive interactions. The overall goal of the session is to reduce or minimize unproductive conversations and resistive behaviors by using effective verbal and physical skills.

Bio: Shelly Edwards is a Positive Approach certified trainer and consultant who has specialized in dementia caregiver support for 13 years. She is the development coordinator for Positive Approach, which is the organization headed by Teepa Snow, who is regarded as the leading dementia trainer and consultant around the world. She has been a trainer for Oregon Care Partners since its inception in 2014 providing classes about dementia, challenging behaviors, and communication skills for care partners of all types.  Shelly is a member of Portland First United Methodist Church.

Future webinars in the series: 
  • Sept. 17Common Challenges in Nursing Homes and Memory Care and How to Avoid Them
  • Nov. 5Essential Documents for Protecting You and Your Loved One Living with Dementia
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