Disaffiliation Resources

We value you. Whether you are theologically conservative, progressive, or somewhere in between, there is a place for you in The United Methodist Church and the Minnesota Conference.

At the same time, we recognize that your congregation needs to make its own faithful choices about how God is calling you to fulfill your mission and ministry, and we seek to walk with you in your discernment process. If you ultimately discern that the place you belong is outside of The United Methodist Church, we grieve that. But we commit to doing our part to be as fair and gracious as possible in executing the requirements of the disaffiliation process.

Resources for Discernment

  • Disaffiliation information for Minnesota churches: A Zoom meeting on Oct. 18, 2022 offered a vast range of information about the disaffiliation process and key steps and dates to be aware of. Churches considering disaffiliation should begin by watching this video and going through this PowerPoint presentation.
  • #ProudtobeUMC: Rev. Adam Hamilton, senior pastor of Church of the Resurrection (the largest church in the denomination), created a set of videos on the topics of why to stay, the UMC's love of scripture and commitment to Christ, human sexuality, and the future.  Watch videos and access related resources
  • Questions about the future of the UMC: In the “Is The United Methodist Church Really…?” series, Ask The UMC addresses questions that reflect misperceptions or misinformation that some congregations are receiving as they discern their next steps.  Part 1: Theology, pensions, and benefits / Part 2: Human sexuality / Part 3: Future and disaffiliation / Part 4: Clergy appointments and church memebership / Part 5: Voting to stay or leave the denomination and the status of delegates to General and Jurisdictional Conference
  • #BeUMC: This grassroots campaign honors the core values that connect the people of The UMC and is built upon powerful stories of congregations and people living their faith; it celebrates what draws us to The UMC and what we aspire to be.  Access resource
  • A Narrative for the Continuing UMC: This document from the Council of Bishops reminds United Methodists of Christ’s prayer for unity and the commandment to gather all to the table, to make space for one another, appreciate one another, and look for Christ in each other.  Access document
  • A Comparison of The United Methodist Church & The Global Methodist Church: This is an excellent resource from the Future Discernment Task Force of the Texas Annual Conference.  Access chart

Disaffiliation Process

View, download, or print resources related to disaffiliating from the UMC and the Minnesota Conference. Please note that there are 11 parts.

Disaffiliation Packet (Parts 1-10) [PDF]

Part 6: Assessment of Congregation Health and Discernment Around Disaffiliation [editable Word document]

Part 7: Request for Church Conference to Vote on the Intent to Disaffiliate from the United Methodist Church [editable Word document]

Part 10: Property Disclosure Template [editable Word document]

Part 11: Disaffiliation Agreement Template [editable Word document]

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