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Clergy Peer Learning

We Journey Together

How can we flourish in ministry, not just for the short-term but over the long run? We journey together! Studies conducted in more than 40 countries around the world have found that positive, caring, nurturing relationships are among the most important conditions to maintain well-being. Research also suggests that clergy in peer groups are more likely to lead congregations in building a culture of engagement with high levels of congregational involvement. In fact, 77 percent of clergy report better health when other clergy intentionally support them. Peer learning binds people together, breaks isolation, increases trust, and enhances leadership and our common sense of mission.

Because we are better in connection to one another, the Minnesota Conference has a goal of every clergy person journeying with peers through a covenant group. Our commitment is to support and resource this journey.

The Minnesota Conference offers two formats for covenant groups:

Option 1: Peer covenant groups

These are best when they annually examine their covenant and either re-commit to it or find new expressions that meet their needs. We offer resources for developing your group covenant, leading and facilitating your peer group, and potential learning content for your group to incorporate. Each year, covenant group leaders and participants are encouraged to attend a reSource retreat as new groups are formed and existing groups discern and update their covenant.



Option 2: Peer coaching circles

Coaching is a way of being together that focuses on asking powerful questions and opening up possibilities for one another. Peer coaching circles are covenant groups designed to grow your own coaching skills by practicing in a peer group or circle. The Minnesota Conference offers six-month peer coaching circles facilitated by an external coach who introduces coaching skills and practices in a workshop and then facilitates the coaching circle over the next six months.  

Next step: Contact Cullen Tanner or Jody Thone for more information.


If you have questions about clergy peer learning or wish to learn more, contact:

Jody Thone, Director of Leadership Development
612-230-6134 /

Cullen Tanner, Connectional Ministries Project Coordinator
612-230-6138 / 

Minnesota Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church

122 West Franklin Avenue, Suite 400 Minneapolis, MN 55404

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