Clergy Performance and Development Conversations

Clergy performance and development conversations (formerly one-on-ones) are the most important thing clergy and district superintendents do together because this is the time to focus on you, our clergy, your leadership, and your congregational ministry plan. This is how we build alignment towards our mission in the world. This is how we join together to grow in love of God and neighbor, reach new people, and heal a broken world.

Performance and development clergy form

Clergy preparing for performance and development conversations with their district superintendent can access the required form in an email that is sent each year from their district superintendent in June. Submit the form one week prior to your performance and development conversation with your district superintendent.


An optional tool for deeper reflection and preparation for your conversations can be found here: Reflections.

Church ministry map

To prepare for your performance and development conversation, we also ask that you do some pre-work with the following tool: Church Ministry Map. Preparing your thoughts with this tool will allow us to talk about congregational alignment with our denominational mission and our Minnesota Conference vision. It will allow us to begin the work of defining some outcomes that measure our progress toward this vision before setting strategies and embarking on corresponding implementation tasks. If you have questions about the use of this tool, please contact your DS or DSA.

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