Clear Opens

As the bishops providing episcopal leadership for the Dakotas-Minnesota Area, we and the Dakotas and Minnesota Appointive Cabinets seek to match clergy and congregations in order to fulfill our gospel imperatives - to grow in love of God and neighbor, reach new people, and heal a broken world. In appointment making, each Cabinet, through prayerful discernment, seeks to hold in balance the demonstrated gifts, graces and life-situations of available pastors with the missional needs of local churches and their communities.

As part of our consultation process in appointment-making, we are again this year inviting clergy to indicate their interest in those churches which we presently know to be open as of Jan. 24, 2021. The clear-open churches in both conferences are listed below. The appointive cabinets will use the information from your interest as part of our process of appointment-making.

If you are interested in being considered for one of these churches, we invite you to drop an email to the superintendent of the open church, with a copy to your own DS, stating why you are interested and what gifts you think you bring. If you want to know more about the church, please check out its website and/or ask the DS.

In addition to the churches listed below, we are in a season of exploring new models of ministry and need persons both inside and outside of our annual conferences to partner with us. In particular, we are looking for entrepreneurial individuals interested in planting new ministries and churches as well as pastors who feel called to serve network churches (worship online or through live-streaming in partnership with another church). Please let us know if you are interested and forward this list of clear opens and other opportunities to those you know who are feeling called to partner with us in our disciple-making mission in the Dakotas-Minnesota Area.

Thank you, and we ask that you keep us in your prayers as the Dakotas and Minnesota cabinets begin our appointment-making season.

Grace and Peace,

Laurie Haller and David A. Bard
Bishops for Dakotas-Minnesota Area 



Trinity United Methodist Church, Cavalier ND - Full-time with parsonage
This multigenerational congregation worships in a fantastic single level facility. Their average worship attendance is 60-80 including online participation and they reported 13 children/youth involved in program ministries for 2020. They are one of eight congregations in Cavalier and are active in caring for community needs. Recently they have made significant technology upgrades to their sanctuary. They have strong lay leadership and several lay speakers within the congregation. They have been without a United Methodist pastoral presence for a year and a half.

Cavalier is located in the heart of the Rendezvous Region, an area bordering Canada and Minnesota in the northeast corner of North Dakota, steeped in history and natural beauty. Established in 1878 along the winding banks of the Tongue River, Cavalier is a community of 1,100 people and is the Pembina County Seat.  This community has a hospital, library, pool and movie theater besides all the other essentials. The four seasons allow opportunities to enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities including golf, tennis, water sports, hunting, bicycling, snowmobiling and skiing.

Arthur United Methodist Church, Arthur ND - Full-time with parsonage
This one-point solidly United Methodist charge is located less than 40 minutes from the Fargo-Moorhead metro area.  They are a multi-generational church with a strong commitment to children, youth and camping ministries with 10 children and 15 youth participating in their program ministries.  They have a membership of 180 and their average worship attendance in-person/online through COVID in 2020 was 40. They continue to work on updating their technology ministry presence and are generous in their financial support to the church. They have a heart for mission and yearly work with the Spirit Lake Ministry Center to provide school supplies and Christmas gifts among other things. 

Arthur, a community with a population of 308, is rooted in the agriculture industry, however, there are a growing number of working adults that commute to the Fargo-Moorhead metro area. Arthur’s community motto is “Small Town-Big Heart.” This community is home to a Good Samaritan care facility as well as local businesses to provide for all other necessities.

Walcott Zion UMC/Kindred Calvary UMC, rural Walcott ND and Kindred ND - Full-time with parsonage
This 2-point charge is located within 30 miles of the Fargo-Moorhead metro area in the heart of farming country. Calvary is located in the community of Kindred and Zion is located south of Walcott in the country. Walcott Zion has updated and expanded their sanctuary and building entry, as well as, added a bathroom, meeting room and elevator. In 2020 Calvary reported an average worship attendance of 30 in-person and 4 online and Zion reported 46 in-person and 12 online.  Walcott had 18 children and 8 youth participating in programing in 2020, while Kindred recorded participation of 8 children and 2 youth.

While in some rural areas, population is shrinking, the population in the area around both of these churches has grown. 

In Kindred and Walcott, residents enjoy the quiet, small-town atmosphere and close proximity (25-35 minutes from Fargo-Moorhead Metro) to "big city" conveniences and a vast network of employment opportunities. Both communities began as agricultural centers and that tradition continues today.   While agriculture still plays a large part in Kindred's economy and culture, this community continues to grow and expand in many sectors. Kindred’s population is 807 and is home to the parsonage for the parish. The Walcott community is home to 254 people.


Bismarck Calvary – Lead Pastor .25-time AWA – 30
The cities of Bismarck and Mandan are situated on either side of the Missouri River in North Dakota. The metropolitan area continues to grow with an estimated population of 130,000. Calvary UMC presently has an average worship of about 30. Those attending are mostly elderly and theologically conservative in outlook. The church has declined in attendance the past few years due to contention within the congregation. A few years ago, it had been averaging 120 in worship. There are opportunities for new ministry in this growing area with the right pastoral/visionary leadership.  The building was built in 1982 and has been well maintained.  The addition of two projectors and screens in the sanctuary have made it possible to include electronic visual elements to worship. Presently, a preschool rents the basement and two rooms on the main level during the week. This could be a fit for a bi-vocational pastor as the area has many employment opportunities.

Dickinson – Lead Pastor Full-time or part-time AWA – 20
The Dickinson congregation is made up of faithful individuals who chose to remain United Methodist as the former Dickinson Prairie Winds UMC disaffiliated from the UMC. They currently worship in space rented from the Episcopal Church in town. They have been meeting with Ben Ingebretson, our Area Director of New Church Development, to help them best reach new people in their area. Dickinson is on the southern edge of the oil boom in North Dakota and grew by 10,000 in the past ten years. The population is now 25,679. This congregation would be best served by a pastor working to lead them into a closer healing community and creative outreach.

Valley City Epworth – Lead Pastor (Full-time; AWA – 60 post Covid)
Valley City is a community of 6,575 located on I-94, sixty miles west of Fargo. It is also home to Valley City State University with a student body of 1,452. Epworth Church is a theologically progressive congregation. They recently completed the Missional Church Consultation Initiative. This resulted in their starting a coffee kiosk (Holy Grounds) in their parking lot that has been very successful. They also now have a continued connection to a grade school just north of their church building by assisting school children with backpacks and other needs throughout the year.
Epworth is looking for an organized leader to help them reach younger generations in the community, care for congregational needs, and stay connected in ministry to the Valley City State University students and faculty. Epworth church has also had strong connections to Wesley Acres Camp which is located twenty miles north of Valley City.

Minot Faith/Des Lacs – Lead Pastor (Full-time; AWA – 42 at Minot Faith and 29 at Des Lacs)
These two churches are a part of the greater Minot metropolitan area consisting of 76,000 people. The Minot Air Force Base consistently keeps the Minot area’s average age younger than the rest of North Dakota. Minot Faith relocated to a different facility ten years ago following a devastating flood that destroyed their building. They moved to a unique facility located on the north edge of Minot along Highway 83. It has several acres of land with room to utilize it for some sport ministries such as soccer or softball. Des Lacs is located about fifteen miles west of Minot and is in a more rural area with easy access to Minot.

Marion/Dickey/Jud – Lead Pastor (Full-time; AWA –45 between the three congregations)
These three rural communities are about forty miles south of Jamestown, ND in east-central North Dakota. They are looking for someone who loves rural ministry and is willing to become a part of their small communities in every way possible. Prior to Covid, Marion has had a midweek ministry to the children of the community which has been well received.


Tulare United Parish (UMC/UCC) – Tulare, SD, pop. 200 -
Tulare is a rural community between Aberdeen and Huron just off Hwy 281. In February of 1997 the Tulare United Methodist Church, St. John's UCC, and Salem UCC joined together to form what is now known as Tulare United Church. A new building was constructed in 1999 to support this new joint mission. A beautiful parsonage is located across the street. This church is truly a community church with a multi-generational ministry. The middle and high schools for the Hitchcock-Tulare school district is located in Tulare and the church is committed to having a strong ministry to the youth of the community. The appointment is currently open and being cared for by a team of retired pastors and lay speakers in the area.

Madison UMC – Madison, SD, pop. 6500 –
Located 50 miles northwest of Sioux Falls and nestled between Lake Madison and Lake Herman, Madison is a community of 6500 people with a prosperous manufacturing center, reputable healthcare system, thriving schools, full-service community center, nationally-recognized state university and world-class outdoor recreational activities. Madison UMC is located in a prime, central location in town, making it an excellent place this church that desires to be in mission and ministry to the community. The church has a heart for youth as well as the college students in town and are looking for a pastor with the relational skills to connect across generations and the commitment to helping equip lay people for ministry. The church is currently being served by an interim pastor who is helping the congregation prepare for their next chapter of vital ministry.

Unite Church – Salem, SD, pop. 1400 –
Unite Church began in 2017 as the re-launch of what was formerly known as Salem United Church which was associated with Presbyterian and Methodist denominations. In 2016, the church began to discern what a new season of growth would look like. This led to the closing of Salem United Church and the birth of what is now known as Unite Church. Unite is part of the Embrace Network. Sermons are streamed from Embrace Church, a contemporary multi-site UMC in Sioux Falls, SD, approximately 60 percent of the time. On the other Sundays, the pastor at Unite provides the message. Unite has a solid core of committed, long-time members as well as many young families which has led to a thriving children’s ministry. Located on the end of Main Street, one block from the school, Unite is poised to be a church for the whole community.

Flandreau UMC – Flandreau, SD, pop. 2400 –
Flandreau is a multi-ethnic community located about 40 minutes north of Sioux Falls, seven miles east of Interstate 29. With many agricultural and manufacturing industries in the area as well as the Flandreau, Flandreau is a growing mission field. The mission of Flandreau UMC is to help those who don’t know Christ, to know Christ, and to help those who know Christ, to live Christ. Discipleship for all ages is a passion for this church as well as worship and music that is engaging and uplifting.

Sioux Falls Hilltop
Located in a residential neighborhood on the East side of Sioux Falls, Hilltop is a multi-generational, family-oriented church. Creativity, energy and highly-relational are all attributes that would make a pastor a good fit for Hilltop. They currently have a traditional and a contemporary service on Sunday mornings as well as a Wednesday evening service. Other staff includes Admin Asst, Director of Youth and Family ministries, and Worship Leader. With the extensive population growth of Sioux Falls and a location near an elementary school, this congregation is looking for someone with organizational leadership skills, desire to partner with lay leadership, and a heart for reaching new people and welcoming them into this church family.


Pierre 1st UMC, Pierre SD Lead Pastor AWA Post Covid 100 Online 675
Pierre First United Methodist Church is in the Capital City of South Dakota.  It has 120-year legacy of ministry and mission.  Their vision, “Our vision is toward our community is to provide a seat at the table to anyone who may be hungry for spiritual fulfilment.”  With a strong music and worship tradition they are looking to expand more fully into more contemporary worship.  They seek someone who can lead the staff into a deeper connection with children and youth of the community.  Pierre First is outreach oriented and seeks to live out their vision. Pierre has a population of 14,000.

Winner UMC Winner, SD Lead Pastor AWA 88 Online 112
Winner UMC in located in Winner SD which is in the south-central part of South Dakota.  They strong and vibrant church has a large outreach ministry.  They have a strong ministry in children and youth and have a staff which includes secretary/education director, technology person.  Winner UMC has a strong worship music ministry and has a large outreach into a 50-mile radius around Winner. Winner is a community with a population of 2,800 people and has a McDonalds.

Faulkton United Faulkton SD Pastor AWA 70 Online 48
Faulkton United is in East Central South Dakota.  Faulkton is a county seat community of 950 people.  The Faulkton UMC is a vey active congregation in worship, bible study, children, and youth ministries.  The church is committed to outreach and ministry at the jail as well. This is a wonderful and faithful body of Christ.

Murdo/Draper Murdo SD AWA 25 Online 73
Murdo and Draper is a two-point charge located in central South Dakota right on Interstate 90.  Is 40 miles south of Pierre SD.  The GMC leaning congregation desires a biblical preaching pastor who has heart for rural ministry.  Murdo has a very strong youth ministry and would love a pastor who loves calling on people and sharing life in the community.  Murdo has a population of 450.


Please contact Dan Johnson for this appointment (

Anoka: United Methodist Church of Anoka - Fulltime, AWA pre-pandemic 225
The United Methodist Church of Anoka is located on the Northside of the Twin Cities with membership of 447 and Christian formation group participants totaling 141. They currently offer one blended Sunday worship service with livestreaming. This congregation is committed to “following Jesus, providing hope, and making disciples”. The church now seeks a pastor with specific skills in preaching, worship, staff team building, lay leadership development, strategic thinking and change management. The church is committed to its momentum of social awareness and inclusion. A focus on growth and community outreach will be highly valued as well. Housing allowance. Visit at

Please contact Cynthia Williams for these appointments (

Main Street United Methodist Church – Fulltime with parsonage AWA pre-pandemic 54
North Branch (population 10,125) is a city in Chisago County, at the junction of Interstate 35 and Minnesota State Highway 95. It is named for the north branch of the Sunrise River, which flows through the city.   In 2019, Mainstreet engaged in the Missional Church Consultation Initiative (MCCI), a rigorous 360-degree coaching and training effort focused on leading the congregation into a new life cycle.  In addition, in 2020, Mainstreet joined the Embrace Network which includes flexibility in using worship resources and live online feeds of sermons/messages from Embrace Church in Sioux Falls.  Mainstreet is currently served by an intentional interim.  The pastoral need is for a spiritual entrepreneur who is outward focused, evangelical, relational and able to honor and respect a wide range of perspectives.   There needs to be a commitment to building partnerships and developing creative ways for the church building and location to be a greater community resource and asset.   Attention will be needed to fully launch the Embrace Network and reengage the congregation towards completion of the MCCI prescriptive work.

First United Methodist Church –Stillwater  AWA 120
Stillwater (population 19,341) is a county seat town located along the scenic St. Croix river.  Stillwater is economically shaped by tourism and is well known as a summer destination site.  The surrounding area has seen significant housing growth in over 65 communities as well as housing for younger, more affluent families.  First UMC is proud of its Wesleyan heritage, long history of community service and love, support and care for one another.  Recently, the members approved a team to lead the church toward becoming a reconciling congregation.    In 2020, the church engaged in the Healthy Church Initiative (HCI) and overwhelming approved these strategic recommendations:  With focused intentionality, adopt the vision of “Wrapping People in Love”, bring love out into the community, deepen passionate spirituality, and communicate love through the physical aesthetics, website and various communications vehicles.   The next pastor must have the capacity, heart and commitment to lead the congregation in executing the HCI recommendations.  Full time.  Housing Allowance


Willmar UMC – Willmar, MN AWA 100
Willmar UMC is a church with 244 members, and an average worship attendance of 100 since the pandemic (counting both online and in person worshipers.)  It is known in the community for mission and outreach, especially helping with emergency assistance and reaching out to those in need through various programs, generosity, and care for one another.  They are developing a community garden for use in the coming year.
This church has been led by an intentional interim for the past two years and has worked hard to solidify healthy patterns of communication and decision making, and has solid lay leadership.  They are now poised to expand their ministries and their presence in the community.  They are particularly interested in and have studied the Fresh Expression style of reaching out to those who have no church.  There is much hope for the future in this church.
The church is looking for a pastor who will continue to innovate with them, who has some technological experience and who uses expository preaching.  Theologically the church covers a broad spectrum, but works together.
The Willmar community has a population of 21,000 and is experiencing a rapid increase in diversity.  It is presently 72.9% white, 5.5% African American; 0.7% Asian; 19.4% Hispanic; and 1.5% Native American/PI/Other.  The business landscape is increasingly  oriented toward industry and technology and less toward being a retail hub for the surrounding area.
The church owns a parsonage. This position is fulltime.


Little Prairie, Dundas, MN – .75 with housing allowance AWA pre-pandemic 65
Dundas (population 1,593) is chiefly a bedroom community of nearby Northfield and the more distant Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area. The juxtaposition of Dundas and Northfield and their disparate zoning policies and attitudes toward development have led to some unusual growth patterns. There is more new construction and affordable housing in Dundas.  The church itself sits surrounded by corn fields and draws most visitors and members from Northfield and Faribault.   Little Prairie is predominantly a family church that seeks to be warm, welcoming and inviting.  The church is known in the community for its Lenten Fish Fry that pre-Covid drew over 650 people.  The church most values ministry to children and youth and vibrant, uplifting Sunday worship.  Little Prairie has been served by a three year interim with a focus on congregational re-engagement, healthy congregational relationships, communications and leadership development.  The congregation is more theologically conservative with some movement toward the middle.   Relevant, authentic, biblically grounded preaching is highly valued.   The challenge before the next pastor will be in helping the church to develop new ways of launching sustainable, quality ministry for children, youth and the entire family.  An openness to continuing and expanding hybrid worship is also important.

Byron -  Fulltime with parsonage AWA pre-pandemic 56
Byron (population 6,312) is a city in Olmsted County, approximately five miles west of Rochester.  A high percentage of residents work in Rochester and live in Byron.  Local industries are related to farm services and printing.  The church sits within the heart of the residential area.  The worship style is more traditional with both in person and online gatherings.   Byron UMC is more theologically centrist with a longstanding commitment to missional outreach and ministry to children.   Due to retirement, there is a need for a pastoral change in 2022.  The work before this congregation includes clarifying vision and values in order to discern God’s plans for their missional future.   There is a need for a pastor committed to learning, growing and doing the necessary work toward helping Byron to life into a new ministry life cycle.

Evangel United Methodist Church – Rochester Pre-Covid AWA 295
Evangel UMC is located in Southeast Minnesota, in Rochester (population 121,000)  Rochester is Minnesota’s third largest city and the largest located outside of the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metropolitan area.  It is the home of Mayo Clinic. 
The church has a staff of five with two worship services (traditional and contemporary).  There is strong ministry outreach to children including a Summer Mega Camp that pre-Covid served well over 300 young people and Trunk or Treat that served over 2,000 children and families.  Evangel has a strong commitment to helping grow disciples through its various small groups and spiritual formation ministry.  The congregation’s mission is to “Love God, Love others and Be Christ’s Hands and Feet.”
The current lead pastor is retiring and during his tenure has well led the congregation in deepening its missional identity, expanding its community presence and growing its appreciation for passionate worship with sound Biblical teaching.  The next lead pastor will build on the present foundation as this church reimagines ministry beyond the pandemic.  A relational, strategic leader who can equip, empower and with courage, capitalize on relational outreach and lead through change will do well in this appointment.
Full time. Housing Allowance


Bethlehem UMC – Hutchinson, MN pop. 14,500 -
Hutchinson is the largest city in McLeod County. It is a regional hub, with small stores, several big box retailers, and home to the largest 3M plant. Pre-pandemic Bethlehem’s worship attendance was 80, and membership around 200. Bethlehem remains deeply rooted in their EUB heritage, have strong loving relationships that do life together, a modest tenacious core group of leaders, and a heart for missions and singing! Their numbers have dropped significantly in the midst of pandemic, the right pastoral leader will love them back to health from pandemic blues, appreciate their conservative theology, have great relationship skills, provide strategic leadership as they discern their next 5 years, and help them sing a new song. Full time with parsonage.

Beauford UMC, Beauford, MN pop. 455.
Beauford is a township in Minnesota about 12 miles straight South of Mankato on Hwy 22. The church ministers to the surrounding area including Mapleton, Good Thunder, and Mankato.  A very warm, loving congregation (DS certified) with multi-generational presence. In-person worship attendance has fluctuated over the last 3 years between 20 and 50.  A quaint worship experience, with fellowship and Sunday School. The church profile is not yet completed. This appointment will be approximately half-time with benefits. Creative arrangements are possible with area congregations, if needed to make a full-time position.

Mankato Korean Fellowship, Mankato, MN pop. 45,000.
Mankato is the largest city in the district, and a regional hub. Only 1 hour from the Twin Cities, with a thriving major Minnesota university, top notch recreation, theatre, sports, and arts. The Korean Fellowship is largely supported by local Korean families with a strong emphasis on reaching the Korean college students at MSU. Fluency in Korean required. The right leader will be strong in preaching, committed to a Wesleyan theological framework, an able teacher and relator, with a heart for young people. Worship followed by food fellowship is very much the life blood of the Sunday experience. Currently this is less than full-time with some housing assistance. If Pastor is fluent in English, an additional cross-cultural appointment may be possible.


Bloomington: Hillcrest UMC - Fulltime, AWA pre-pandemic 77
Hillcrest United Methodist Church is located on the Southside of the Twin Cities District with membership of 206 and Christian formation group participants totaling 66. They currently offer one blended Sunday worship service with livestreaming. This congregation strives to be “the blessing place.” The next pastor needs to bring continuity of leadership to the Healthy Church Initiative process. They seek a pastoral leader who connects relationally and intergenerationally in both the church community and the neighborhood community and embodies and nurtures deep spirituality. Housing allowance. Visit at

Minneapolis: Walker UMC - .5, AWA pre-pandemic 64
Walker United Methodist Church is located near the center of the Twin Cities District with membership of 116 and Christian formation group participants totaling 13. They currently offer one blended Sunday worship service with livestreaming. This congregation seeks to “nurture spirituality, build caring community, and work courageously for peace with justice and mercy.” The next pastor will need to affirm and embrace interfaith traditions, maintain, and cultivate collaborative ministry partnerships, and lead the congregation in reimagining their future. Experience and passion for urban ministry will be sustaining. Reconciling and Altars for All congregation. Housing allowance. Visit at

Plymouth: Messiah UMC - Fulltime, AWA pre-pandemic 481 including 124 online
Messiah United Methodist Church is located on the Westside of the Twin Cities District with membership of 870 and Christian formation group participants totaling 347. They currently offer two distinct Sunday worship services (Traditions and Journey) with livestreaming. This congregation fosters community “where life and purpose connect.” The church has a long history of local, national, and global mission engagement. The next lead pastor will model faith, discern, and embed the church’s DNA, effectively communicate faith and hope, cast vision, develop leaders, connect with the community, and creatively engage in problem solving. An interim may be considered following the retirement of a long tenured lead pastor. Housing allowance. Visit at  

Roseville and St. Anthony Park: Centennial UMC - Fulltime, AWA pre-pandemic 555 including 150 online
Centennial United Methodist Church is located on the Eastside of the Twin Cities District with membership of 986 and Christian formation group participants totaling 685. They currently offer two distinct Sunday worship services across two physical campuses (Traditional and Contemporary) with livestreaming. This congregation cultivates “authentic, thinking, active followers of Jesus”. In recent years, Centennial UMC launched several new ministry priorities of full-inclusion, anti-racism, and a second campus. They seek a culturally competent lead pastor that will embrace their existing faith communities, yet reengage them in strategies for growth through collaboration with a high performing team. An interim may be considered following the retirement of a long tenured lead pastor. Reconciling Congregation. Housing allowance. Visit at

Golden Valley: Spirit of Hope UMC (Fulltime, 158 AWA pre-pandemic including 10 online)
Spirit of Hope United Methodist Church is located on the near Westside of the Twin Cities District with membership of 312 and Christian formation group participants totaling 141. They currently offer one blended Sunday worship service with livestreaming. This congregation is called to be a radically inclusive, caring community of faith – offering personal and social transformation through Jesus Christ. Liberated from a long-term mortgage, the congregation is discerning their identity and next season of ministry. A next pastor will have strong communication skills and mobilize and motivate talented lay leadership. The congregation seeks a more outward focus for ministry. Reconciling and Altars for All congregation. Housing Allowance. Visit at

Minneapolis: Epworth UMC (Halftime, AWA 40 pre-pandemic)
Near Southside of the Twin Cities District with membership of 78 and Christian formation group participants totaling 38. They currently offer one blended Sunday worship service with livestreaming. This congregation lives their core values: nourish faith, do good, welcome all, be church. Epworth UMC has been at the center of anti-racism witness in the Twin Cities and seeks to be a catalyst for community interaction, service and celebration. Pastoral leadership will both embody and inspire congregational engagement in the community. Reconciling and Altars for All Congregation. Housing Allowance. Visit at

Minneapolis: Northeast UMC (Fulltime, AWA 58 pre-pandemic )
Near Northside of the Twin Cities District with membership of 121 and Christian formation group participants totaling 36. They currently offer one blended Sunday worship service with livestreaming. This congregation is cultivating a sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just neighborhood. They hold as ministry priorities: inclusivity, creativity, nourishment, living justly and environmental sustainability. A next pastor will lead them in strategically defining and implementing their ministry path. The church is well poised with both assets and urgency for transformation. Reconciling Congregation. Housing Allowance. Visit at

North Oaks: Peace UMC - (Fulltime, AWA 77 pre-pandemic )
Northeast side of the Twin Cities District with membership of 407 and Christian formation group participants totaling 133. They currently offer one eclectic and casual Sunday worship service with livestreaming. This congregation is a theologically progressive, multi-generational community of faith called to engage our world through the power of God’s love. Pastoral leadership will explore questions of faith, address challenging contemporary issues, and inspire hope through community action. Reimagining faith expression and models for being church are on the horizon for this congregation. Reconciling and Altars for All Congregation. Housing Allowance. Visit at

Osseo UMC (Fulltime, AWA 94 pre-pandemic )
Northwest side of the Twin Cities District with membership of 272 and Christian formation group participants totaling 4. They currently offer one traditional Sunday worship service with livestreaming. The name of Osseo has historic roots in the native word “Waseia” meaning “there is light”. This congregation seeks to offer the light of Jesus Christ to the least, the last and the lost. They hold in common a deep commitment to a personal relationship with Jesus and a broad commitment to missions of mercy. A next pastor will model spiritual disciplines, cultivate faith formation, adaptively relate to people across generational, sociological and theological perspectives and engage in the local community for service and witness. Housing Allowance. Visit at

Minnesota Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church

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