Twin Cities District Administrative Assistant

published 9/25/2018

The Twin Cities District administrative assistant assists the Twin Cities District superintendent with the fulfillment of responsibilities as outlined in the United Methodist Church's 2016 Book of Discipline ¶419- 424.

This position calls for a dedicated individual who possesses strong organizational skills and the ability to effectively prioritize work. The candidate must be able to receive and process information that is highly confidential in nature. The person will have demonstrated experience in the administrative professional arena who also has a willingness to learn and be flexible. Proven skills in electronic file management and the use of Microsoft Office (especially Word, Excel and Outlook) are highly desired along with the ability to learn new online platforms. This position is non-exempt at 30-40 hours per week. If interested please send your resume to

Key Functions and Responsibilities

  • Foster connectional resource, support and accountability systems by serving as a liaison for local churches, district office and the Minnesota Annual Conference.
  • Receive and process information in and out of office of highly confidential significance via phone, e-mail & internet.
  • Offer hospitality for those coming to the district office.
  • Receive and  sort  district  mail and e-mail,  answer/file mail  that  does  not  need  the  attention  of  the  District  Superintendent  (DS),  and assist the DS in disseminating notices, forms & correspondence via U.S. mail or e-mail as appropriate.
  • Report contact information changes to database team so accurate email contact groups and mailing lists/labels for district clergy and lay can be easily accessed via Shelby or Brick River.
  • Coordinate Calendar appointments and events (church conference, annual consultations, and district committee meetings) for the DS as requested.
  • Maintain the records of clergy and local churches and transmit as needed to the bishop or other district offices. These records include, but are not limited to, clergy and church profiles, church/charge conference requests and minutes, SPRC evaluations, and clergy performance and development conversation summaries.
  • Stay apprised of changes in the district and conference, preparing documentation and revising forms when needed.
  • Maintain records of minutes for district committees.
  • Prepare packets and introductory brochures for the introductory meeting for each new appointment.
  • Be an important source of continuity in the district office when there is a transition between superintendents.
  • Order and maintain all supplies.
  • Prepare for and perform assigned duties at Annual Conference session.
Position Specific Functions
  • Create district budgets. Pay and submit bills and invoices for payment, charging correct account codes (for all five districts and the cabinet).
  • Maintain dCOM lists and personnel files of district candidates for Twin Cities, River Valley and Big Waters districts with collaboration of the lead DAA.
  • Receive and process church conference reports (for all five districts).
  • Support cabinet members with the assigned responsibilities of Inquiring Clergy, Secretary, Budget Coordinator, and Church Conference Forms.
  • Assist lead DAA with cabinet consultations.
  • Maintain relations with the MN Twins for UMC night out and organize event (and any others that arise).
  • Support of other Annual Conference staff as assigned by lead DAA.
Ministry Base
  • Local churches and clergy
  • The cabinet and bishop
  • District administrative assistant team
Leadership Attributes
  • Strong organizational skills with ability to prioritize work
  • Must be able to maintain the strictest confidentiality
  • A warm and gracious attitude
  • Be open minded with a good sense of humor
  • An ability to understand the whole scope of the work of a superintendent and how a particular task fits in
  • Self-motivated, self-directed and reliable in their work; good follow-through
  • Share the vision/ mission of the annual conference
  • Have willingness to learn and be flexible
  • Understanding of the United Methodist Church theological & organizational structure
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook), web conferencing, web maintenance
Position Accountabilities
  • Performance: Twin Cities District Superintendent
  • Operational: Lead DAA

Position Type:
Part- or full-time, non-exempt, 30-40 hours per week

Minnesota Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church

122 West Franklin Avenue, Suite 400 Minneapolis, MN 55404

(612) 870-0058