Timothy Circle online trainings to support faith in youth

published 12/18/2018

Online trainings help your church foster faith in young adults
Foster a sense of purpose and call in your young people with the $45 online class “Culture of the Call: Congregational Life." Every person is called to serve God in their own unique way. Any layperson or clergyperson from your church can enroll in the $45 online class and learn practical ideas for creating a call-friendly culture in your own church. Learn what other churches are doing, share your own experiences, and make connections with area camps and campus ministries.

Or, be a mentor to young people and learn how to have conversations with them about faith and calling in the “Timothy Circle Mentor Training” online course, also $45.  Never fear -- you don’t have to have all the answers. Simply being a listening ear and a sounding board with years of life experience can mean the world to a young person in your church or community.

Both online courses are a part of the Timothy Circle program, which brings all parts of the church together to support young Christians as they hear and follow God’s voice, and are available at www.beadisciple.com/timothy. These trainings and the Timothy Circle program are run by the Institute for Discipleship, a United Methodist organization at Southwestern College in Kansas.

Contact: Britt Bradley

Email: britt.bradley@sckans.edu

Website: www.beadisciple.com/timothy

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