Timothy Circle Mentor Training

published 2/26/2018

There’s a lot of talk these days about our shrinking Church and the movement of young people away from organized religion. We all care about it, but what can be done?

Time and again, it’s been shown that young people are more likely to remain committed to their faith if they have a relationship with a caring adult who engages with them and their relationship with God. And plenty of adults in your churches care about the faith of young people, but only a fraction of them know how to make a real connection.

That’s why the Institute for Discipleship created the Timothy Circle Mentor Training. This three-week online training for adults can be fit into busy schedules and will give adults the tools and confidence to engage in meaningful Christian conversations about faith, hearing God’s voice, and a young person’s plans for the future.

Please think of one or two adults who really care about young people and their faith. Perhaps they’re a Sunday School teacher or a youth sponsor. Perhaps they’re a coach at the high school. Encourage them to sign up for an upcoming mentor training. Registration is just $45.

Together, we can help young people stay connected to God and their faith and ensure that the future of our Church looks bright.

Click here to learn more and register.

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