Stand in The Red Zone: Intercept the Traffickers 2018

published 1/9/2018

"Standing in the Red Zone" is the theme of United Methodist Women's 2018 Intercept Human Trafficking action.

As the annual awareness campaign, Intercept the Traffickers, approaches, United Methodist Women aim to teach individuals and communities how to prevent trafficking, to identify and protect trafficked persons and what can be done to aid in the prosecution of these criminals. United Methodist Women are Standing in the Red Zone Intercept Human Trafficking!

This year United Methodist Women are asking that all participants take a stand and take action against trafficking by wearing red to symbolize the push to move through the goal posts toward victory against the traffickers, we are moving in the Red Zone. Participants are encouraged to take pictures of themselves dressed in red and post them on social media to create more awareness! Instructions on how you can participate are below.

What You Can Do:  Take Action to Declare Your Red Zone

  • Be bold in red. Stand together all dressed in red
  • Wear red choir robes, red hats and shoes, or gather a room full of redheads
  • Make something red
  • Hold something red like flowers, cups, etc.
  • Dance in a red room
  • Sit on a red chair or sofa
  • Stand on a red carpet
  • Raise red banners, or fans
  • Record a video of your unit as participants in the Red Sand Art project: an activist artwork created to raise awareness of modern-day slavery. Participants are invited to fill sidewalk cracks with red sand.
  • Click here for a bulletin insert, flyer, and postcard you can download and print to share with your community or congregation

Send your photos!

Sharing our #UMWRedZone photos will be a great way to show our commitment to intercept human trafficking and will help raise awareness that this crime affects families and communities everywhere. For ideas for your picture, go to

  • Send your pictures to your conference communicators to share on conference websites and in newsletters.
  • Share on social media: Tag United Methodist Women on Facebook or Twitter (@UMWomen) and use #UMWRedZone wherever you share.
  • If you would prefer to e-mail your photos, send them as attachments to the United Methodist Women Flickr account: lead02whose@photos. Please include the caption and credit information in the email body.
  • You can mail your physical photos to:
    Intercept the Traffickers Photos
    c/o David Cherrytree
    United Methodist Women
    475 Riverside Drive, Room 1504
    New York, NY 10115


Stand in the Red Zone to show you want to protect those who are vulnerable and prosecute those who commit the crime of human trafficking.  Stand in a Red Zone to celebrate the potential, courage and heart of trafficking survivors.  Stand in the Red Zone so that all who have been victimized trafficking see the United Methodist Women’s Red Zone—for we will be with them from trauma to victory. 

Let’s continue to limit the ability of traffickers to operate with impunity.  It has been said that, in the Red Zone “there are offenses that can draw a distinct edge from their play, design, or personnel;” when they do, they are devastating.” Together we can use our edge— women caring, women speaking, women collaborating—to get us into the Red Zone passed to Intercept the Traffickers.

United Methodist Women​ have fought human trafficking for more than a decade. Join in raising awareness.

More information and free resources

Attend a Standing in the Red Zone event in Minneapolis

Minnesota Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church

122 West Franklin Avenue, Suite 400 Minneapolis, MN 55404

(612) 870-0058