Seeking Laptops and Devices for Families Experiencing Poverty

published 5/6/2020

Iglesia Piedra Viva is seeking in-kind donations of working laptops with working keyboards or larger tablets/iPads all which have functioning video, audio, and internet connection capability for 30 families who do not have meaningful access to virtual church and outreach activities because of a lack of access to technology. This is an equity issue. 

IPV's faith and social family is comprised of about 30 families who are affected by the gap in technology for a variety of socio-economic reasons—all related to a lack of equity. This significantly diminishes the ability to meaningfully connect virtually for church services, Bible studies, community outreach, and guitar academy classes during this extended time of COVID-19. We urgently seek to help families make meaningful connections through reliable and sufficient technology and equipment.

as soon as possible

Contact: Colleen Beebe Purisaca

Phone: 612-258-7514



Minnesota Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church

122 West Franklin Avenue, Suite 400 Minneapolis, MN 55404

(612) 870-0058