Organist and/or Piano Accompanist

published 8/10/2023

Start: 09/01/2023

The organist/pianist will play for one or more weekly worship service and other special services as requested.
The organist/pianist will typically provide a prelude, postlude, offertory, and accompany choral or instrumental ensembles and provide background music during prayer time or while Pastor performs sacraments.
The organists/pianist may accompany musical groups such as a chancel choir or other ensemble. Organist/pianist may also provide music accompaniment for functions held at the church such as weddings, funerals and memorial services.
The typical weekly time commitment for the position varies from two to four hours per week, depending on the number of rehearsals and services required. Approximately two hours of preparation time is required for each hour playing for a worship service. The organist/pianist is expected to arrive at church a minimum of ten minutes before worship begins, and remain at church at least fifteen minutes after dismissal.

  • Provide accompaniment to regular weekly worship services, including time for meaningful prelude and postlude.
  • Practice after church services for 15 minutes weekly with music leaders.
  • Provide accompaniment to choir rehearsals as needed in the judgment of choir director. Choir rehearsals are regularly scheduled on Wednesday evenings, and also when special rehearsals are required.
  • Practice as necessary or needed on your own time to ensure satisfactory performance is achieved at every event.
  • Accompany choir for all special and festival services as needed, such as Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve. Etc.
  • Consult with pastor (normally preceding Sunday morning services) as requested to assure effective accompaniment of worship services and music program.
  • Consult weekly with choir director and/or music leaders before Sunday services to assure information regarding special music plans, rehearsal needs, schedule, etc. such that all aspects of the music program are coordinated and of high quality.
  • Notify pastor or choir director (or chair of SPPR in pastor’s absence) two weeks in advance of any service or rehearsal that you will be absent to allow adequate replacement time. First option is to try to find and schedule one’s own replacement.
  • Communicate in writing to SPPR Committee concerning employment status, difficulties, and issues.


  • Play organ/piano at all worship services.
  • Confer with the pastor or choir director to select appropriate music for the worship services.
  • Play for one or more weekly worship service and other special services as requested.

Compensation is provided on a per time basis. Pay differences may exist between Sunday services and choir practice.

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If interested, please contact the church office at (763) 972-3492 or email at

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