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Director of Music Ministries/Accompanist

published 7/11/2021

Start: August 1, 2021

La Crescent UMC is seeking a part-time accompanist/director of music ministries for 12-15 hours a week. The director of music ministries will serve as the primary administrator of the music ministry of La Crescent UMC. They will serve as the primary accompanist for church services. They will be responsible for the planning, organizing, conducting, and evaluation of a comprehensive music ministry. They will provide variety in types of music presented, with contemporary music blended with traditional hymns. The purpose of the position is to facilitate an atmosphere in which God is worshipped and glorified, and to provide direction, oversight, and coordination of musical, artistic, and technical elements of worship services.

Above all, the director of music ministries must believe that God has a purpose for them in this ministry. They must demonstrate a strong faith and commitment to Jesus Christ and be able to share their faith with the congregation when appropriate.
Supervisory Structure:

  • The director of music ministries is directly accountable to, supervised and guided by the church pastor.
  • They also relate to the Staff Parish Relations Committee as prescribed in the Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church. 
La Crescent United Methodist Church will:
  • Pay the director of music ministries a monthly salary of $385/month and $30/per choir rehearsal, and $65/per Sunday service. They will be granted 8 Sundays off a year.
  • Consider the director of music ministries to be an employee of the congregation.
  • Issue a W-2 form to report wages paid on a yearly basis.


  • Develop a plan with assistance from the pastor (and Worship Team when fully in place), for the music ministry of La Crescent UMC to help fulfill its mission.
  • Work with the pastor (and Worship Team) in developing creative worship services including the possible use of drama, videos, and other resources to enhance the overall impact and experience of the service.
  • Serve as the primary accompanist in worship services.
  • Make fill-in arrangements when unable to perform duties described during services or practices.
  • Works along side the pastor in leading the Worship Team.
  • Assists the pastor with choosing hymns (to maintain the themes for the service) for worship services.
  • Selects and coordinates congregational songs with sermon topics and seasonal hymns.
  • Oversee all music for Sunday services as well as special services as needed (e.g. Holy Week and Christmas Eve).
  • Oversees and collaborates with volunteer accompanists and praise leaders.
  • Lead and direct the choir during the Sunday services.
  • Establish rehearsal schedules for the choir.


  • Possess skills in accompanying and leading worship.
  • Possess skills in choir, praise team and instrumental conducting as well as in Worship planning in coordination with the pastor.
  • Display openness to a wide variety of musical styles.
  • Have effective communication skills (both orally and written.)
  • Possess good time management skills by being on time for practices, meetings, and church services, along with effective use of practice times.
  • Demonstrate strong leadership and organizational skills.
  • Possess the interpersonal skills needed to relate to a diverse group of people such as pastoral staff, musicians, church leaders and members.
  • Have a clear concept of being an integral part of the church’s ministry team.

$385 per month plus $30 per choir rehearsal and $65 per Sunday service

Application Info:
Please submit cover letter and resume to: Julie Van Berkum, SPR co-chair, La Crescent UMC, 520 N. Elm Street, La Crescent, MN 55947 or contact the church by emailing or calling 507-895-2373.

Position Type:

Contact: Julie Van Berkum

Address: 520 N. Elm St., La Crescent, MN 55947

Phone: 608-780-4831



Minnesota Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church

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