Director of Faith Formation and Community Outreach

published 3/26/2019

The director of faith formation and community outreach inspires and nurtures disciples of Christ and leads the congregation in response to the needs, concerns, and hopes of the community and of the world. Specifically, the director helps those in the church and the community:
Discover the relevance of Christ and the practices of Christian discipleship in personal life, 
Connect their own story to the story of God's creating, sustaining and redeeming work in the church and the world, and 
Make a difference within the church and the community.
There is a special emphasis on faith formation among the children of our church.

Expectations: The director of faith formation and community outreach is, on average, a 24-hour/week position. Some weeks will require more than 24 hours; that will be balanced by other times of the year when there are fewer activities. The director will report directly to the pastor and also relate to other staff members, sometimes working jointly and sometimes working independently of other staff members.
It is a salaried position, with pay based on experience and education, and benefits include paid vacation. The person must be available on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings; beyond that, there is considerable flexibility in hours.
Faith United Methodist Church is a Reconciling Congregation and an Altar for All Church.
We believe that prejudice, hatred, or discrimination directed toward any individual or group is contrary to the life and spirit of Jesus Christ. Therefore, we shall work to eliminate prejudice and discriminatory practices within ourselves and our community. And we shall open our doors to same-gender and transgender couples seeking to unite in marriage and all the blessings, rights and responsibilities thereof. We will honor and celebrate the wedding of any prepared couple who seek to commit their lives to one another in marriage. Our expectation is that a Director of Faith Formation and Community Outreach would embrace these principles.


1. Our children: Create opportunities for the children of our church to grow in faith by working with our Kids Connect teachers and other volunteers. Responsibilities include selecting curriculum and then identifying, recruiting, training and equipping Kids Connect teachers. Promote the Kids Connect program within the church and outwardly to the community so that we might grow our children's programming and eventually extend it into youth programming. Coordinate the Theme of the Day opportunity for children to participate in worship, and also coordinate our nursery volunteers.
2. Wednesday evening meal and service: Grow our Wednesday evening contemplative worship service and the accompanying Wednesday evening meal, with particular attention to widening the community and welcoming the stranger. Serve as the primary Wednesday evening worship leader and coordinate with the organist and musicians within the congregation. Coordinate the Wednesday meal, and develop additional volunteer leadership in preparing meals, extending hospitality to those who come and planning and leading worship. Increase communications to the community about the meal and worship service through newspapers, social media, personal invitation and other means.
3. Eco-Kids Camp. In conjunction with our two neighboring United Methodist churches, plan and lead our weeklong Eco-Kids Camp. Responsibilities include selecting the theme, planning the curriculum, recruiting volunteers, arranging for field trips, designing educational activities, and promoting the camp through contacts in the schools and the community.
4. Project Future. Along with the Project Future team, experiment with creative ways to attract new individuals and families to our church. Help plan and coordinate Parents Night Out, Christmas Is and other events where Faith looks beyond its own members and welcomes the community to become acquainted with our church.
5. Seniors. Work with our Senior Adult Ministry Team to provide periodic fellowship or educational events for senior adults. Look for opportunities to communicate about our church's programs among institutions in the community that serve senior adults.
6. Community Outreach. Encourage relationships between the congregation and community leaders and groups to identify the needs, concerns and hopes of this community, focusing on St. Anthony, northeast Minneapolis and the surrounding suburbs of New Brighton and Columbia Heights. Improve communications so that people in the community, friends who use our building and members of our own congregation understand who we are, what we are doing and why.
7. Other. Assist the senior pastor in and carry out other responsibilities as assigned by the pastor.

A successful candidate will have excellent communication skills and the enthusiasm and creativity that are essential for recruiting and equipping volunteers. Prior experience in recruiting volunteers will be an important factor in the selection of a candidate. The person should be a motivator who relates well with a diversity of adults and has a love of children.
Applicants should have a college degree, preferably in education or a related field, or equivalent experience in leading educational ministries. A theological degree or training is preferred. The ideal candidate should have an understanding of spiritual formation, some Biblical or theological skills and an understanding and appreciation of United Methodist tradition and theology. The person should have the ability to express one's own faith while being genuinely open to the differing beliefs of others.
Candidates must have basic computer skills and be comfortable in the use of Facebook and other social media to promote activities at our church.

Application Info:
Submit a letter of application and resume to the Staff-Parish Relations Team at Faith UMC. The letter and resume may be emailed to

Address: Faith UMC, 2708 33rd Ave. NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418

Minnesota Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church

122 West Franklin Avenue, Suite 400 Minneapolis, MN 55404

(612) 870-0058