Free Glassware, Spoons, Crates

published 8/9/2022

Unfortunately, Spirit River Community Church in Isanti has closed this past July, and we have item to give away to a church. We have several variations of glassware and cups with saucers to give away, including spoons to mix your creamer or sugar. if you are interested, please contact me and we can set up a time to look at/pick up the items in Isanti, MN.

  1. Groove drinking glass (161 each)
  2. Glass coffee cups (32 each)
  3. Small bottom groove glass (308 each)
  4. basic Delco Royal Ceramicor Porcelain coffee cup (352 each)
  5. Various sized glassware/cup racks (27 each)
  6. Wide Delco Royal Ceramicor Porcelain coffee cup (26 each)
  7. Wine glass (25 each)
  8. Bubbled glass (65 each)
  9. Standard glass (25 each)
  10. 1/2 Large grooved glass (34 each)
  11. 1/2 Small grooved glass (37 each)
  12. medium standard glass (30 each)
  13. Small standard glass (14 each)
  14. short grooved glass (28 each), & Mini short grooved glass (31 each)
  15. Case - Holds small plate & is currently holding the matching plate for both coffee cups
  16. Spoons - there are several spoons & the holding containers are included

Shipping Info:
Pick-up in Isanti


Contact: Monica L Strong

Phone: 763-360-5687

Email: Click to email

Minnesota Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church

122 West Franklin Avenue, Suite 400 Minneapolis, MN 55404

(612) 870-0058