Director of Children's Ministries

published 10/12/2021

River Hills UMC in Burnsville is seeking a part-time director of children's ministries to oversee and coordinate the children’s ministries through collaboration with volunteers, planning and implementing the core ministries, and leading special programs/events targeted for the children and their families.

The Purpose of River Hills UMC is “To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.” We do this by creating opportunities for people to be engaged in the ministry of the church, invite them to explore what ministry means for them personally, equip them to follow their calling, and send them out into the world to find opportunities to be in ministry. We welcome all of God’s children and celebrate diversity that comes in our creation.  We seek to faithfully live into the motto of an inclusive church by being a place of truly “Open Hearts. Open Minds. Open Doors.” Please refer to River Hills Statement of Inclusion for any clarification that may be needed.

Children’s Ministry is an important part of the process, engaging the children and their families in the life of the church.   We want River Hills UMC to be a place where children and their families feel welcome, have opportunities to become involved, and are nurtured in their Christian growth.   

We have two other positions currently available ("Director of Youth Ministries" and "Digital Communications and Social Media Manager") that can be combined with this job to create a full time position.


  • Reports directly to the minister of outreach and education 
  • Leads children’s ministry staff, paid and unpaid, to strengthen the children’s ministry of the church
  • Works with volunteers and staff for planning 
  • Access to the Staff/Pastor Parish Relations Committee (i.e. human resources) for discussing concerns relating to the position and its dynamics

Major Responsibilities

  • Ministry: First and foremost, we are in the business of being in ministry. We are in ministry with those we work with and with those who turn to us for inspiration and leadership. Sometimes it is mundane and methodical. Other times it is impactful and monumental. When it doesn’t feel like ministry anymore, it’s time to move on or re-evaluate the things we are doing.
  • Children: To oversee and coordinate the Children’s Ministries of River Hills UMC through collaboration with volunteers, planning, and implementing the core ministries as well as special programs/events targeted for the children and their families. At River Hills UMC, children are defined as birth through 5th grade.
  • Resources: To assure equipment, space, resources, curriculum and personnel are available and in place for the preparation and execution of the children’s ministry.
  • Budget: To oversee the spending of money provided by the church to accomplish the primary functions and goals of the ministry, and to seek and obtain any additional money that might be needed from the Council. Annual budgets for the upcoming year are requested by the Finance Committee in September, and are to be submitted in October after collaborating with other leaders in children’s ministry.
  • Administration: To be responsible for communicating, planning, organizing, scheduling, and developing systems and processes that work effectively with volunteers, staff, and leadership as needed to accomplish the task to assure consistency and reliability in the ministry.
  • Vision: In coordination with the minister of outreach and education, to evaluate, formulate, and execute a vision for the continuation and growth of the children’s ministries of the church across all ministry areas.


  • To provide overall direction and leadership to children’s ministry of River Hills United Methodist Church
  • To care for the overall experience of children and their families on Sunday mornings. This currently includes Sunday school, children’s church, nursery care, worship activity bags, shared responsibility for children’s sermons, and special Sunday activities. In addition to growing in faith, participation in worship by children and the director of children’s ministry is essential to connecting the youth ministry with the congregation.
  • To care for the overall experiences of children and their families during Wednesday night programming at the church. This currently includes JAM Club and nursery care to facilitate family involvement.
  • Special events are often highlights in a child’s experience of the church. Providing at least a monthly special event is important. Examples of these special events include:
    • Vacation Bible School – traditionally a weeklong half-day event involving small groups divided by age with youth helpers. Incorporating children from our Early Childhood Center and their staff. Stations would include opening and closing large group gathering/celebration, lesson, craft, snack, activity
    • Milestone Events – age-appropriate milestone events where children would experience different aspects of church ministry. This would include 3rd grade Bible Milestone, and a Communion milestone where families would gather for a time of learning and engagement
    • CARnival – Fun, socially distanced event first held during the pandemic where families would go through the parking lot and participate in carnival games for fun.
    • Pumpkin Patch Party – The Youth raise money each year with a Pumpkin Patch. Party that has included games, activities, crafts, and other children and family activities to gather people together.
    • Trunk or Treat – Halloween activity where families decorate their cars/trunks in a Halloween theme and children come in costumes and go car-to-car to receive treats.
    • Book of the Month – Age-appropriate books are sent to children to build their library with faith-growing literature.
    • Baptism Recognition and Celebration – gifts are given to those being baptized. We would like to expand it into a Celebration of Baptism where families who had children baptized in the previous year(s), would be invited to come together for a special event. 
    • Compassion Camp – Family activity that encourages mission/outreach activities that are age-appropriate for children. 
    • Day Camp – River Hills has participated in the past with Conference Day Camps. This would include recruiting families to get involved and possible providing leadership for the planning of the camp.
    • Family Reading Night – a shared activity with the RHECC where we celebrate with a book fair, games, activities, and storytelling.
    • Night in Bethlehem – started out as a children’s activity and has grown to involve all ages. This has traditionally occurred on a Wednesday night.  Children’s Ministries plans and implements a Marketplace environment where children participate in crafts and activities as part of a bigger event.
    • Christmas Program – helping to plan a children’s program or pageant during the Advent Season.
    • Summer Family Gatherings – This has included evenings in the summer where families have gathered for activities and crafts. Often included picnic dinner.

Day-to-Day Responsibilities

  • Be prepared for Sunday morning (year round) and Wednesday evening (Sept-May) ministries.
  • Recruit, equip, and support volunteers to help make this ministry possible.
  • Plan, prepare, and care for special events throughout the year. 
  • Work collegially with the staff of the church and River Hills Early Childhood Center.
  • Be available for social interaction outside of the direct ministries, so as to receive feedback on the children’s ministry and be available to gauge interest of those seeking to be a part of the ministry.
  • Become familiar with Cokesbury resources, as well as other curriculums as necessary.
  • Maintain a positive and inspiring attitude toward and with the members of the Children’s Ministry volunteers, church members, outside guests, and staff.
  • Deal openly but privately with differences of opinion and conflict. Seek assistance from the pastoral staff as needed.
  • Be available on Sunday mornings to identify and welcome new families to help them feel welcome and familiarize them with opportunities for children’s ministries.
  • Formulate and submit an annual children’s ministry budget in a timely and professional manner as directed by the Finance Committee of the church. Collaboration with other staff and volunteers in preparing this budget is important.
  • Report to the Annual Church Meeting the work of the ministry in the past year.
  • Conduct Safe Sanctuary Training for volunteers.
  • Provide oversight and care for the physical property of the church as it relates to the children’s ministry and its resources.
  • Other tasks as seen essential to accomplish the Major Responsibilities.
  • Maintaining appropriate boundaries with children regarding use of images and language in social media and use of technology.


  • By God’s grace, living in a genuine and authentic relationship with Christ, and consistently applying this relationship throughout their life.
  • Growing in a fuller understanding of the mission and beliefs of River Hills United Methodist Church, and supporting it through this role.
  •  Bachelor’s degree preferred or equivalent experience.
  • Proven experience in working with and assisting in securing volunteers to build the children’s program.
  • Demonstrated proficiency as a servant leader to lift up and empower leadership within the ministry to serve and inspire all aspects of the ministry.
  • Genuine disposition of encouragement that creates an atmosphere of ongoing participation and inspires involvement from newcomers.
  • Builds consensus while providing direction.  Ability to listen to the insights of others and still move decisively forward in a manner that demonstrates understanding and grace.
  • Ability to work with a wide variety of talents, skills, giftedness and personalities in the many aspects that lead to effective ministry.
  • Working knowledge in computer operation, particularly in the use of different software packages used for the administration of this job.
  • Ability to work with budgets and within budget constraints.
  • Ability to work with other committees/teams/leaders within the church as ministries inevitably find opportunities for overlap in both collaboration and conflict. 
  • A working related knowledge of copyright to assure compliance.
  • Access to reliable transportation.
  • Successful background check.
  • Training in Safe Sanctuary policies.

$17-$18/hour, Eligible for healthcare benefits if over 20 hours.

Application Info:
Email applications to Robert Braudt at

Position Type:
Part-time (20-25 hours per week average)

Contact: Robert Braudt

Address: 11100 River Hills Drive Burnsville MN 55337

Phone: 612-839-2111

Email: Click to email


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