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Children & Family Missionary

published 11/9/2020

Start: The job begins as soon as possible.

End: The job is supported by an 18 month mission grant.

The purpose of the children and family missionary position is to both engage and develop relationships with children and their families who are part of Osseo UMC and also those who live in the community, and help them embrace a life-giving relationship with Christ and the Christian community where they grow and serve as disciples of Jesus Christ. This individual will be responsible for organization and implementation of Children and Family Ministries.


  1. To contact and regularly connect with children and families in the congregation and community
  2. To create ministry and fellowship experiences that help children and families experience
    1. The redeeming love of Christ
    2. The redemptive love of Christ’s followers
  3. To cast vision and actively recruit, motivate, and develop volunteers for ministry with children and families
  4. To engage parents and equip them to be leaders of their child’s spiritual development.
  5. To provide pastoral care and direction for children and parents
  6. To guide the selection of resources and curriculum for children and families that teach biblical truths appropriate for various age levels, in consultation with the Children Ministry Team.
  7. To coordinate and facilitate regular communication to children, families, and the church utilizing multiple forms of electronic, social, and other media.
  8. To develop and manage a yearly budget for children and family ministries and assist with fundraising for those ministries when needed.
  9. To attend necessary staff, team, and committee meetings.
  10. To provide detailed bi-monthly written progress reports to the pastor, SPRC, and Osseo UMC T.R.U.S.T.
  11. To submit in writing at 17 months a report to the Osseo UMC T.R.U.S.T., Church Council and Staff Parish Relations Committee in partnership with the Senior Pastor of
    1. What has been accomplished
    2. What needs to be accomplished
    3. What has been the effect of this ministry on the congregation
    4. What steps should be taken as the grant expires
  12. Supervise programs for Church School, such as Spring Fair, Christmas Program, and VBS.


  • An authentic follower of Christ who is pursuing the Lord with his/her heart, mind, and soul.
  • A life growing in all aspects of the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control, living by the highest ideals of Christian conduct (see Employee Policy)
  • Fully committed to the mission, vision, and values of Osseo UMC.
  • Make-it-happen attitude: strives for excellence, uses time effectively, stays on task.
  • Self-starter.
  • Passionate about reaching the next child, parent, and family for Jesus.
  • Willing to “go the extra mile”.
  • Loves people and loves to have fun.
  • Affirms and encourages others.
  • Involved in the heart and life of Osseo UMC (small group, events, etc.)


  • Bachelor’s degree in Education, Youth Ministry, Bible. Or demonstrates life experience equivalency.
  • Proven, successful experience in Children’s or Family Ministry, desired.
  • Knowledgeable about adolescent spiritual, social, and emotional development, including fluent understanding of family culture.
  • Proficient in building relationships and networks with children and parents.
  • Values team ministry with a servant heart.
  • Adept in applying communication skills: open-minded listening, supportive, understanding.
  • Exercises effective and efficient administrative and organizational skill.
  • Knowledgeable of and experienced with technology and social media
  • Great communicator. Willing to learn the art of teaching.
  • Continuous learner, especially in the field of children and family ministry.
  • Ability to think and work strategically: goal setting and implementation.

$17/hr, 10 hrs/wk for 18 months

Application Info:
Please request an application and also submit your resume to

Hiring will begin as soon as possible. No applications after December 10th.

Position Type:

Contact: Wesley Gabel

Address: Osseo UMC, 16 2nd Ave. SE, Osseo, MN 55369-1510

Phone: 1-763-425-2923



Minnesota Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church

122 West Franklin Avenue, Suite 400 Minneapolis, MN 55404

(612) 870-0058