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Local Artist Wanted

published 9/1/2020

Hillcrest UMC in Bloomington is looking for local artists to commission a painting for its fellowship hall.

Criteria include:

  • 5 ft x 4 ft in size
  • Contemporary in style, uplifting images (ie: sunshine, flowers, crosses, Christ)
  • for a Suburban congregation in Bloomington, MN
Looking to commission two or three total works. Please send a sample image of your work and estimated cost for this size work.

Registration Info:
Please send interest to Pastor Jill Meents: or to Communications Coordinator Kaite Knack: with sample picture of work.

Contact: Pastor Jill Meents

Address: Hillcrest UMC, 9100 Russell Ave. S, Minneapolis, MN 55431-2120

Phone: 952-881-8601



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