Director of Music

published 6/24/2019

Valley of Peace Lutheran Church in Golden Valley is seeking a part-time director of music.

This position will average 15 hours per week. 

The director of music is responsible for upholding and growing the strong tradition of music programming at Valley of Peace, to enhance and serve as an integral part of our worship. 

Application deadline: July 8, 2019

Please read the full job description and application process.


  1. Plan and coordinate the entire music program, providing leadership and resource to the organist and other music leaders active in the program.
  2. Participate in the weekly planning of worship and other musical activities in the congregation.
  3. Schedule all choirs and ensembles participating in worship.
  4. Hold weekly rehearsals and direct or accompany the following groups:
     Chancel Choir (adult choral ensemble)
     Youth Choir and Children’s Choir
     Valley Carillon (Bell Choir)
     Joyful Noise (Orchestra)
     Small Group Ensembles (Duets, Quartets, Instrumental Ensembles, etc.)
  5. Educate and train all musicians participating in the program; recruit and facilitate participation from all age groups within the congregation.
  6. Make available new resources and ideas to program participants.
  7. Participate in regular Worship and Music Committee meetings and other appropriate congregational committees for short and long-term planning.
  8. Support the Worship Arts Committee, in developing concepts, design and execution of visual enhancements for a meaningful worship experience.
  9. Advise the Worship and Music Committee on the annual budget requirements for the music program and administer the expenditures of the approved budget.
  10. Maintain the music library and supervise the maintenance of all instruments (organ, piano, keyboards, rhythm instruments, hand bells, etc.).
  11. Participate with the church staff, pastors, and other leaders in facilitating congregational goals, assuming responsibility for tasks as mutually agreed with the Pastor.
  12. Maintain professional competency by practicing, performing, attending continued education opportunities, teaching workshops or seminars, etc.
  13. Be open to performing other appropriate duties, as observed to be needed and as assigned, by the pastor.


  1. Experience in church music leadership
  2. Demonstrated knowledge of Lutheran theology, liturgical practice, and use of music in worship
  3. Demonstrated skill and competency at the keyboard, and a working knowledge of other instruments, including piano, organ, woodwinds, brass, percussion, strings and world instruments
  4. Experience and competency directing choirs and ensembles of all age groups: Choral ensembles, Orchestra and band ensembles, Orff and rhythm instrument ensembles, and Handbell ensembles
  5. Ability to work collegially and coordinate various activities with Pastor, staff members and congregational leaders
  6. Strong verbal and written communication skills

Application Info:
To apply, please:

1. Review the complete job description and consider if God might be calling you to serve in this way.

2. Submit your resume to me via e-mail at The church will be accepting resumes until July 8, 2019. After receiving your resume, the church will send you the Valley of Peace Application for Employment.

July 8, 2019

Position Type:

Contact: Pastor Ashley Osborn

Address: Valley of Peace Lutheran Church, 4735 Bassett Creek Dr., Golden Valley, MN 55422

Phone: 763-588-4611



Minnesota Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church

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