Breakthrough workshops: Two breakthrough workshops will be available in the fall of 2017. They were created to provide tools and action steps for reaching people and creating disciples in today's culture. Clergy and laity who participate will take away practical tools, a renewed commitment, and an action plan that leads to more people who discover the life-changing love of God. Learn more

Lay servant ministries: Through baptism, all Christians are called to a ministry of servanthood. Some feel called to serve their own church or others in a deeper way. The Minnesota Conference offers a variety of opportunities for laity to become trained and equipped to live out their calling. The first step is a day-long ministry discernment retreat to learn basic leadership skills and complete a spiritual gifts inventory. Then laity can choose one of three paths that match their gifts: They can be trained to become a certified lay servant, certified lay speaker, or certified lay minister.  Learn more and register for a discernment retreat

ELI Project: The Exploring Leadership Internship (ELI) Project is for students exploring a call to ordained ministry. Through it, up to 10 college students are selected to participate in a learning experience each summer. After gathering for a week of orientation, which includes trips to seminaries and an opportunity to learn about the United Methodist Church, each intern is placed at a host church or organization for eight weeks. Over that period, the host congregation invites the intern to gain hands-on experience in a wide variety of ministerial contexts—and involves the intern in intentional reading, spiritual formation, and reflective discussions to help him or her hear and discern God’s call. Consider becoming a host congregation.  Learn more

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