Candidate Requirements

Although The United Methodist Church has some universal requirements for those seeking to be a clergy member, each conference goes about the process in a slightly different way, especially for certification. This page contains the information you need to know to go through the candidacy process in the Minnesota Conference.

Getting started

Here are the first steps you will take in the journey to becoming an elder, deacon, or LLP.

  1. Begin with your local congregation.
    • Meet with your pastor and let them know you are interested in pursuing a career in ministry.
    • Optional: Read The Christian as Minister, which will help you explore whether this is an appropriate path for you. It will also explain some of the terms and requirements in The United Methodist Church. Order from Cokesbury.
  2. Contact your district superintendent
    Prerequisite: You have been a member of The United Methodist Church or a baptized participant of a recognized United Methodist campus ministry or other United Methodist ministry setting for one year.

Next steps in the candidacy process

Once you have completed the steps in the section above, you will continue to follow the process outlined in this Candidacy Process document. Feel free to download and/or print this document for your own reference.

Quick links to required candidacy documents

Statement of Call/Historic Questions 1

Statement of Call/Historic Questions 2

Background Check Instructions

Psychological Evaluation Instructions

Physician's Medical Summary Form

Links for Candidate Forms

Additional resouces

By Water and the Spirit: UM Info on Baptism

This Holy Mystery: UM Info on Communion

Who We Are as United Methodists

Competency Model

Nine Characteristics of Clergy Leadership

EarnSaveGive: Certified Candidate Opportunities: All clergy new to ministry in the Minnesota Conference are invited to participate in EarnSaveGive, a commitment to improve personal financial well-being. Learn about financial literacy resources and grants available to help you save money and pay off student loans.

Orientation to Ministry Workshop Handouts

Course of Study Outline

Helpful Terms to Know

LLP Handbook

Misc Info for LLPs

Pathways to all clergy relationships

Seminary Requirements

United Methodist Clergy Categories Theological Education Requirements

Website Links


Janet Beard – Minnesota Conference registrar / 612-230-6156

Board of Ordained Ministry Co-Chairs

Minnesota Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church

122 West Franklin Avenue, Suite 400 Minneapolis, MN 55404

(612) 870-0058