Breakthrough Workshops

John Wesley’s words as he was sending preachers off to the new colonies was to “offer Christ.” That is the heart of our mission—to offer Christ through our hospitality and worship so we can connect people to Christ and the church, and they develop the desire to become disciples. And yet what’s often missing is an intentional and holistic discipleship process.

Discipleship is more than a small group or a Sunday School class. It is everything we do as a church, and it starts with our first encounter with people. We are always presenting Christ in our words, actions, activities, facilities. Everything carries a message.

Several breakthrough workshops are offered each year to provide tools and action steps for reaching people and creating disciples in today's culture. What attendees take away from these workshops are practical tools, a renewed commitment, and an action plan that leads to more people who discover the life-changing love of God.

If there's a particular topic you'd like to suggest for a breakthrough workshop, email Director of Ministries Cindy Gregorson.

Two breakthrough workshops offered in the fall of 2017 were:

Worship with Marcia McFee 

Hamline United Methodist Church

Becoming a Missional Church with Reggie McNeal 

Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church

Stay tuned for additional breakthrough workshops to be offered soon!

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