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United Methodist Church to celebrate 50th anniversary


You're invited to read a sermon delivered by Dr. Albert Outler at the formation of The United Methodist Church, a sermon that's startlingly relevant today.

Walking together


It is time to bury the Doctrine of Discovery forever.

Time to air out church?


It's time to air out our ministry by taking church outside the walls of our buildings.

Embracing our DNA


Bishop Ough shares what our founding DNA might tell us about Minnesota United Methodists today.

Living out our calling


When I was younger, I thought of “called” and “ministry” as words that pertained only to ordained clergy, not the rest of us. But that didn’t last. God presented opportunities to challenge my perspective.

Ash Wednesday: Moving Out of the Shadows


Our Lenten journey is one of moving out of the darkness of sin and the shadows of doubt into the new life in Christ—"birth from above."

5 gifted people who should be on your team


Ephesians 4:11 gives us the makeup of a high-impact team that is worth assembling in ministry.

Partnership: From one-off to on-board


St. Paul's UMC in Mendota Heights used a one-time grant to form a partnership with a local elementary school; that partnership has continued to expand.

Supporting our missionaries


Sixty-five churches in our conference help support 17 missionaries in 10 countries through covenant relationships. Here's how you can support them.

Such as we are, such are the times


God has invited us to be co-creators in life. Whether you consider these the best or the worst of times, let us live well because we are the times.

On this spirit walk: A prayer heard ’round the world


The pipeline resistance movement gives us the opportunity to respond to Anita Phillips’ invitation to see, hear, find Christ in, and claim our native neighbors.

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