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To Go On Anyhow


Rev. Martin Luther King did not come preaching something new; he came shouting something we already knew, but failed to live.

Getting Comfortable with the E-word


Questions to ground our notions of evangelism: Why do I believe what I believe? How do I understand God’s character and purpose? What story do I have to tell?

The bold, exclusively inclusive truth


There is salvation in no one else—this might sound exclusive, but putting it in biblical context shows us that it can also be viewed as an inclusive statement.

Mission-minded church-school partnerships


At least 52 churches have partnerships with local schools—and there are several opportunities to help your church think about how you might form one.

A revitalization of relationships


When we build relationships, we discover what we have in common and begin to see others as people, beloved children of God, and that is how we find our way forward.

Practicing resurrection


For me, to practice resurrection is to keep an open mind and let God be God, which means doing radically impossible and improbable things.

The promise of Easter


"Jesus is calling you and me to move from weeping to believing to proclaiming," says Bishop Ough. May you have a blessed Easter!

The practice of listening


Listening is crucial in our relationship with God, in living an authentic life, in being part of a healthy community, in leading. But we aren’t very good at it.

Connection, cause, or Christ?


To attract young families, we need to stop trying to attract them with social connections and social causes and start by offering them Christ.

Walking together


It is time to bury the Doctrine of Discovery forever.

Time to air out church?


It's time to air out our ministry by taking church outside the walls of our buildings.

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