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A home for Jesus: Christmas message


“The best gift we can offer God and one another this Christmas is to make a home for Jesus in our lives,” said Bishop Ough.

Helping your congregation heal after General Conference


These suggestions are designed to help congregants process what happened at General Conference and focus on being in ministry together.

3 key advisors you should have in your corner


There are three key advisors that all clergy should have in their corner: a financial planner, an accountant, and an attorney.

Why I stay


Rev. Cindy Gregorson reflects on why she stays in the denomination at a time when the church seems out of step of what she believes we are called to do and be.

Leading in a time of high conflict


Rev. Susan Nienaber shares some common patterns and feelings in times of high conflict, as well as some suggestions for healthy ways to channel energy.

Post-GC action and advocacy


Many are looking for ways to respond to the actions of General Conference. Here are seven suggestions for action and advocacy for those wanting to get involved.

Post-GC 2019 FAQs


Answers to a wide range of questions that Minnesota clergy asked at the all-clergy gathering on March 15, 2019.

Living and dreaming together


Let us go forward, trusting in God, relying on the Holy Spirit, and committed to living, leading, and loving well as the body of Christ.

Living and leading together


A post-General Conference 2019 letter to Minnesota clergy from Bishop Bruce R. Ough.

Preparing for a new season


In winter, trees shed what's non-essential so new buds can emerge in spring. What would it look like for us to focus on the essentials as we await a new season?

‘For My Sake’: Ash Wednesday message


“To live and witness as Christ did is to take up these crosses for his sake,” Bishop Ough said in his Ash Wednesday message to Minnesota United Methodists.

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