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A home for Jesus: Christmas message


“The best gift we can offer God and one another this Christmas is to make a home for Jesus in our lives,” said Bishop Ough.

Wisdom for leading at such a time as this


Clergy in the Minnesota Conference share how they are living and leading during this uncertain time in The United Methodist Church.

What to do in liminal space (between what was and what could be)


An exploration of “liminal space”—that period when some kind of transition is underway, but it’s not clear what we should do, or how, or when.

Collaboration guide for centering marginalized voices


A collaboration guide created for the "Our Movement Forward" event offers excellent suggestions for partnering with those in the LGBTQAI+ community.

LGBTQ and you: Introductory glossary of terms and usage


A look at terms related to five aspects of human sexuality: sex, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, and sexual behavior.

Pastoral message following Judicial Council rulings


Bishop Ough urges Minnesota United Methodists to stay together and strong in this in-between time, and to be the leaders and the church God is calling us to be.

The future of the church starts here, now, with us


“I believe Jesus wants us to be God’s church, here, now. Because people are hungry, and we have the bread of life.”

FAQs: Post-Judicial Council ruling


Answers to the questions people have been asking since the Judicial Council ruling that determined much of the Traditional Plan to be constitutional.

General Conference is broken; annual conferences are not


The current governance structure does not fit the realities of a global United Methodist Church.

Some fences are too hard to straddle


When religious affiliation has become an option rather than an obligation, congregations need to declare their principles in order to project a clear identity.

Easter message: ‘Pray with your eyes wide open’


Bishop Ough invites us to look for change, for hope, and for signs of Christ’s victory over death “with eyes wide open” in anticipation of the future.

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