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To Go On Anyhow


Rev. Martin Luther King did not come preaching something new; he came shouting something we already knew, but failed to live.

Surprise the World! All-Conference Lenten Video Study


This Lent (February 14-April 1, 2018), the Bishop and Cabinet invite all Minnesota United Methodists to join this book study with weekly discussion videos.

Make It Easy to Give


When the Holy Spirit calls people to be generous, but the church hasn't provided an easy way for them to give, we lose the opportunity to let people answer that call. Many people don't carry cash or checkbooks, but usually have a credit card and smartphone with them. Let's make it easy for the faithful to give!

New City Church Launches with a Packed House


Launching a weekly worship service is like throwing a birthday party and not being sure if anyone will come. Rev. Tyler Sit of New City Church in Minneapolis sees God at work in the first weeks of the new church.

Centenary UMC experiencing ‘breakthroughs of the Spirit’ through MCCI


Centenary UMC needed a breakthrough of the Spirit. I asked Bishop Ough about the Missional Church Consultation Initiative (MCCI) program, and our church began this transformational process.

MN Annual Conference Volunteer in Mission Opportunities


After recent natural disasters, many United Methodists want to help. Early Response Teams are there now. But clean-up efforts will continue for many months. That’s when Volunteer in Mission (VIM) team members will be needed. Can your church plan a trip to help in Texas, Florida, California, and five more states that need VIM teams?

Tolerating Bad Behavior in the Church


With the intense divisiveness in our country, congregations are well-positioned to role-model a different way of being together, meeting real needs and building connections across the divides.

Creating Community


Can we reimagine our churches as true gathering spaces for the community, where people feel a powerful sense of belonging?

Praying for Sutherland Springs


Bishop Ough encourages Minnesota United Methodists to trust in God's faithfulness, even in times of terrible violence.

18 laity find purpose and connection through ConneXion retreat


Participants learned about their strengths and passions, examined what brings purpose to their lives, and participated in contemplative practices.

When your heart is heavy


We shine when we don’t give up or give in, when we do what we can do however big or small. And in so doing, our heart gets a little bit lighter.

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