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The heart of the Magi: Bishop's Christmas message


Bishop Ough encourages us to approach this Christmas with the hearts of the Magi: constantly being formed and shaped into the way of the Lord.

The Risen Christ is Coming


Easter is about realizing that our story, our journey, with Jesus is beginning rather than ending, Bishop Bruce R. Ough said in his 2018 Easter message.

Never again: Listen to the children


“I am so encouraged by what I have witnessed of Gen Z following Parkland ... They may be God’s voice calling us to remember and live our Wesleyan rule of life.”

Mourning the death of Billy Graham


Rev. Clay Oglesbee offers some thoughts about Rev. Billy Graham’s impact and reflects on key tenets of his evangelistic and social outreach ministries.

United Methodist Church to celebrate 50th anniversary


You're invited to read a sermon delivered by Dr. Albert Outler at the formation of The United Methodist Church, a sermon that's startlingly relevant today.

Extremophiles: Ash Wednesday with Bishop Ough


"Extreme disciples do not make their witness through extreme ultimatums about extreme positions. They join with Jesus in his extreme mission of redeeming all of creation.” Bishop Bruce R. Ough gives us a new understanding of "extreme" in this Ash Wednesday message.

A Recipe for Vitality


Graham UMC in rural central Minnesota is doing something right. This small, vital, multi-generational church has found a recipe for a healthy congregation. Rev. Susan Nienaber breaks it down into 8 factors.

Are You Ready to Surprise the World?


Here is everything you need to know to prepare for the all-conference Lenten book study video series starting soon! Find out where you can view or download weekly videos and small group study guides.

Let’s Go Fishing!


As a conference, our journey to vitality includes our vision of reaching new people. Many of us struggle with how best to do so. Meanwhile millions of people experience loneliness or have a hard time seeing the beauty of the gospel. Here's five steps we can take to reach these people.

Speak Kindly


Do you remember the old adage: sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me? I don't think that is true at all. Words can harm and hurt. Words can heal. There is power in the words we speak.

Hope is Rising in Sierra Leone


It’s no secret why the little United Methodist Church that Pastor Judith Banya started two blocks away from her house keeps growing. She’s “doing all the good she can” in myriad ways. Learn about the nutrition program feeding children, new schools being constructed, and communities whose future she is helping to build in the village of Baiwalla, Sierra Leone.

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