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The Joyful Journey: Disaffiliation, anti-racism, responding to violence


Bishop David Bard gives updates on disaffiliation, encourages every church to engage in anti-racism work, and shares how we might respond to recent violence.

Paving the way for racially integrated churches


The former Border Methodist Church and what we now know as Hennepin Avenue UMC broke the mold and paved the way for integrated and inclusive congregations.

Books that can build empathy for BIPOC communities


Rev. Dana Neuhauser says reading books by BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) authors provides a window into lived experiences that we may not share.

Learning a new song


The form of church may need to change, but we can learn a new song and prepare for new melodies that have never been ours before.

The Joyful Journey: Walking in rhythm into a new year


“As I think about the coming year, I want to keep moving, and to keep moving in the rhythms of curiosity, compassion, creativity, and courage.”

Reading Advent backwards


The story of Advent is one of pilgrimage. Mary and Joseph leave behind their expectations to say yes and are forever changed. This is the time for pilgrimages.

The Joyful Journey: Always now and not yet


During this season, we hold together the now and not yet. We celebrate justice done, joy shared, love embodied, and we recognize that the world remains mired in injustice, heartbreak, dissension, division, pain, terror, unkindness.

Choosing joy


Joy is a recognition that there is goodness in the world, God is present with us in all the muck, and beauty still abounds.

The Joyful Journey: Gratitude and grace


“I carry within me a deep sense of the unlimited, unfathomable, wild grace of God, as I know it in Jesus Christ, a grace for which I am always grateful.”

Front Line Workers in Congregational Settings


District Superintendent Susan Nienaber shares advice for church office workers navigating difficult interactions and strategies for maintaining professionalism.

The Joyful Journey: Masks and Unmasking


While masks are useful and sometimes necessary, they can also be harmful when they obscure our vision or hide us from ourselves. Unmasking is also necessary.

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